The basic factor that affects search engine ranking server space chapter

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  server space is the storage site where the file, in general, large sites are used independently of the server or server cluster: small website mostly leased virtual space, also is a part of space on a single server. The factors that affect the server space of your web site are as follows:

1. server where the

Talking about the experience of novice station building and suggestions for novice webmaster

said, to learn web production has more than a month, first learned HTML, and then DREAMWEAVER operation, and CSS. When it comes to talk about DIV/XHTML+CSS CSS since before did not learn the way of the table layout, so DIV/HTML+CSS is not bound to learn those restrictions and fetters, pretty smooth, this is the way, not to mention the table.

I’m a freshman now. I have a lot of blood for a young man. A web page, a Jiyang, wrote a station, although the station is completely static, but is his hobby. Write up a passion, finished immediately to buy virtual host domain name and entry level, but things are often not passion can be resolved, to tell the truth, how many people are willing to go to a static station? For me, I will not go once again, this time I still have a little bit of energy, but the record when prompted by others by my domain name information, although online listen to people say, there are better prepared to save people, my heart is still a little worried, then more than 1 weeks Baidu is not included, let me blow. read more

Portal survival

, and so on, the quality of users is not high:

has been in the industry portal for years. Website construction, and began to do promotion, ranking, do optimization, waiting for users to register, send information, engage in, found that no way out, if the light here, waiting for the user is not good. Even if you have a good ranking and traffic, you can not make money. Look at the registered users on your website. Many of them are small factories, or they belong to enterprises that send information online. In the industry does not have any aspect of the enterprise. No industry has a certain influence on the enterprise. Moreover, many users just register and run and never come again. The registered users are only too few. It wastes a few bytes of database and doesn’t work at all. read more

Ramble what is your website construction worth

started the school website since 2001, visited many sites, often global forum community at that time, the impression of K666, blue and so on are often go to the iraqis. Now there are blue Iraqi account.

years have passed. Now still engaged in their favorite work — website construction. K666 didn’t know when it was closed, but I only read it last time on CHINAZ.COM.. It’s kind of sad.

and her blue, over the past few years. The webmaster has a mother, have been busy to take care of the forum, before many things, not just a forum so simple — now inside is still like 01 years when the same age children. The questions about the posts are all the same as I did at that time. It doesn’t make any sense to me now. read more

My website is 2500 P a month Why not 30 calls

today, a customer asked me: "my website (not disclose website, home improvement industry) a month into 2500 IP, why not 30 phone ah?". I read his website and say my own opinions on the phone. Here’s a brief summary:

1, the amount of this consultation or not according to your keyword relevance, landing pages and other related decisions, enter your web site and if your business is not relevant, come off, certainly not to call, but also from the Guan Jian word other web page settings, rarely, and in the business of Guan Jian words certainly in addition, the 2500 flow, from where I do not know, is search over, or come from other irrelevant places, there is a strong regional industries, if you are in Guangzhou, for instance, but the flow is coming from other provinces and cities, natural no consultation, and the traffic is too much, but on the back of the web search engine promotion (unfavorable came in off the page browsing amount is too small, the search engine that will reduce the content and user experience for you. Points) our own web site, about 1300 per month of IP, but the amount of consultation, including the average phone in about 150. read more

Only bad teachers can discuss the content system of websites from Sasu

lying in bed, enjoy reading Sasu’s "dignity is not free", holding the book suddenly thought that Sasu’s history book written in the history of the theme is the Anti Japanese war are politically correct "main melody", but why those experts say zhengjinweizuo things let people at a distance; Sasu an amateur game player ziyuzile, of Tinker out blog (not very formal, very grassroots publishing, communication) has been more and more people love heart, continue to recommend to friends and family (complete with Baidu search engineer Lee said "the user or a web site sincerely recommend" standard) and a red, is how many years? read more

have to sell my station for a living

accidentally saw a webmaster to sell their own web site, young Adsense station, with curiosity, I went to him, and then there are some very interesting things, please continue to look down, we share together.

his prologue: my name is Y2K, I opened a small cafe now, there is enough time, but the environment is not good, the business than before the light, so you want to switch! (I thought: the Internet, should be very good, as far as I know, the fish seem outdated is the Internet! Why would he want to sell the station, switch to engage what) read more

An easy way to build traffic

wrote in front of the words:

with a deceptive, but not like a Trojan, virus as despicable, and not for everyone (the need for site traffic website), because everyone’s different traffic demand (like I do local stations do not need to use, but I tested the effect of super good, demo address: please, as used by more, also has no significance, first with the first to see the effect, perhaps also to remedy this defect statistics website. Some people on the Internet are selling a similar set of software, the same principle, offer 5000 pieces, really dark. read more

f there is no webmaster the nternet will lose a lot of wonderful

is from low to high, the life is from the lack of facilities to the rich, this is the process of development, but if the rich to lack from the low back to a lower will be unable to imagine, this is an irreversible process. Now the Internet provides a lot of convenience for us, the network makes the earth become a village, increasingly close contacts between people, life is more and more convenient, people are already familiar with and enjoy the present mode of life, this is a new era of the rhythm of life. read more

Fat man stationmaster should understand three kinds of Enlightenment

04 I began to learn computer, 10 years in the Internet industry, in November 10 to SEO officially, and become a webmaster, a kind of people who like crazy SEO, where moon is the complete learning SEO for a month without knowledge, just listen to the operation type, so growth is very slow, the Chinese new year for a long time did not go home in Beijing, with understanding about seo. Where exactly is the road? If you don’t realize it, discover what you are learning now, what you are looking at is just floating clouds. You can only see the success of others, and you will always follow suit. As a webmaster, anyway, you are inseparable from life, inseparable from the community, so their experience out of the three kinds of awareness to share with you, let us refer to. read more

Do not do bad website can do the stationmaster of bad website only

marketing has a very classic saying: "there is no thing that can not be sold, only the people who can not sell things.". This sentence I go to school, we teach the sales management teacher most often told us, this is clearly a very simple way: Human effort is the decisive factor. Success is not successful, and your own efforts are the primary and most important factors, and the rest are for you. So, did not do bad website, the stationmaster that does bad website only.

can write the story first, I contact site is from the first that time is very simple, for the website that is interested in is a hobby, absolutely nothing to do with money. Of course it is utilitarian, the website as a tool to make money, this is the site to make money with no ground for blame, reflect a person’s ability, earn more, your ability is strong, of course, is a process of learning and accumulation, I had also started from the basic web term the arrival of the CMS, then the program language, web site operators and so on aspects of knowledge. Now many webmaster, too quick, too impetuous, I see a website the latest, a new station, not included, only a few days, for a new station, I know how to guide Baidu spiders, I know about how long to be included, I know how to update the record, I know how long can put ads. read more

100% successfully apply for Google accounts earn

now has a lot of people claim to be able to apply for Google generation in Adsense account, in fact, there are many are liars, generally through the intermediary of Admin5 is the most secure, Taobao is also good, but remember that now apply for Google Adsense account up to as long as a week, over this time is certainly not. In fact, Google Adsense is not so difficult. Now the domestic application very strict investigation, what type of site not less than half a year, corn, many restrictions. Then what do we do? read more

Baidu only included the first page of my view

through more than two months to sunlight blog analysis, I found a problem, Google spider and Baidu spider included problems on this big difference, Google reflects sensitive, fast speed. Baidu contains a slow response. After all, robots and people can not match each other, from the other side of the more reflect Google’s high degree of intelligence, Baidu is relatively poor. Why? I have my own station analysis, not for personal opinions, please master to give criticism! Brother again thanks in advance. read more

How to write a training program for enterprise website editing

When the

of each enterprise in the recruitment website editor, will how do worry about what people are not recruited? Is now a good website editor is difficult to recruit, but not only for enterprises to recruit a good website editor and website editor stopped. So this time, as SEO, write a training program for an enterprise website editor to encourage some new editors to quickly and easily do their work. Next, I will explain for you how to write an enterprise website editing training program.

, first, specify the specific duties of the website editor read more

From the Tencent’s growth history to talk about operators need to have 3 basic qualities

history will not repeat itself, but there is always a striking similarity. Looking at it for a while will surely give us a deeper understanding of the Internet, products and operations.

spent about half a month, and I finished reading this book, "Tencent biography". Wu Xiaobo’s 5 year history of the book completed, indeed quite comprehensive, to show us a more three-dimensional Tencent empire.

The Tencent, founded in 1998 with the original intention of producing a wireless paging system, decided to develop OICQ (or later QQ) under the odds and ends of coincidence ( read more

Cooperation and integrity the webmaster’s experience of opening an online shop


and friends run a web site, local education website, Shandong art college entrance examination, do a year and a half, do Shandong province first, whether it is a search engine, or in the examinee’s influence, is the best in Shandong Province, but also has many advertisers favor, of course, the effect is very good. A year and a half, we have a self-help Station System on the station, and done the first in the industry, is good. Paid by everyone’s approval, is very pleased.

site has entered a steady development stage, now more free time, except to update the news every day, meet customers, talk about cooperation, there is a lot of time. Because now is in the University, saw many schoolmates play the game every day, thought that oneself can not live equally like them, therefore has started to do anything again what idea. In the A5 bubble for a long time, see a lot of articles that do Taobao off a lot of money, there are many Taobao customers, their time in the chat and a guest friend joked that after I have to sell clothes, you help me sell ah, we are bigger, you do most of the Taobao customer, I do Taobao the largest college girls clothing store. read more

Liu Yu contains network promotion development space

The development of

Internet has become an indispensable part of our life today. It has or is about to replace our old media. This is an indisputable fact. It has gradually changed the way we live. From shopping to entertainment, from study to work. Even my sixty year old mother knows the Internet watching Korean dramas, there are things that do not understand, go online search, see if there is any discount on the Internet good things. Therefore, network promotion is actually around us. Its importance is not only a matter of theoretical importance, but a matter of our immediate interest, and it does give us a real advantage in our lives. It changes each of us. read more

Hefei full support for high level talent innovation and Entrepreneurship

is the link of innovative talents of innovation and entrepreneurship strung all links, as long as there is talent, no matter what the industry can always keep exuberant vitality. Hefei city plans to increase high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship support in funds and policy aspects to open the floodgates wide to.

12 8, the reporter learned from the Hefei municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the city recently issued a further support for high-level personnel innovation and entrepreneurship implementation opinions. "Opinions" made it clear that Hefei will focus on strategic emerging industries and leading industries, within the 5 years from 2016, introduced for domestic and foreign about 200 team of high level talents to meet the conditions of fertilizer innovation; support, give 3 million yuan to 10 million yuan angel investment funds or 5 million yuan to 20 million yuan of business guide fund support. read more

China mobile domain name new strategy can set off CN domain name tide

recently, I found that the mobile 10086.CN domain name strategy adjustment basically completed. I see, the China Mobile company has 31 provinces all jump to "**" (referred to as * * as the province such as Beijing, referred to as BJ), China Mobile market (MM) website ( have to jump to the, China Mobile 139 mailboxes ( have to jump to the, China Mobile have to jump to the, in the mobile 139 lobbyists have to jump to the (, mobile wireless music website ( have to jump to the, and has been officially launched. read more

Details of the force so that the site has a super user experience


user experience in absolute said to a super hot words, take the last few days of the A5 article, the article on the subject in the user experience of less than 10, and every article about the content is not the same, I really let my eyes open. But I can’t always be spectators, he somehow also a webmaster, the site also has a little of their own experience, so today I have to go along for the ride, talk about their website at the time of construction how to pay attention to the user experience. read more