FLU SERIES Scrambling for vaccine: Some cities using lotteries to ration flu vaccine

first_img Providing easy access to hand sanitizers Eligible residents can add their names to the existing pool of about 1,600 until Nov 12. Next week, health department employees will draw the names. Important as it could be for those chosen, McKim said the drawing will take place without fanfare. To date, 29 states have reported flu cases to the CDC, Gerberding said during a teleconference Nov 9, but the number of cases is well within normal limits. See also: The department announced the same day that it was shipping its available vaccine supply of about 74,000 doses to local health departments and to providers in the federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, which helps needy children. The shipments included 42,000 doses for the VFC program and 32,000 doses for health departments. Placing a box of surgical masks as close to the entry as possible “ACIP [the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which advises CDC] has given us a national standard,” he said. “I don’t have a scientific basis on which to re-prioritize.” After learning of his situation, a retirement home offered Pallotto a dose of its leftover vaccine. The AP reported he would get the shot on Nov 9. A survey of healthcare and home-care agencies in New York showed a need for about 1.4 million doses of vaccine, of which the agencies have received only 460,000 doses, said Robert Kenney, a spokesman for the state’s health department, in a Nov 3 phone interview. “It’s a clue. And we don’t know if it’s going to be a useful clue or not,” she was quoted as saying. Colorado: Following CDC rules, mostly Vaccine doses were to be allocated to health departments on the basis of population. Some counties may offer those vaccines to local long-term care facilities or to healthcare providers for high-risk patients, officials said. The amounts do not include those for New York City, which is receiving its own supply of redistributed flu vaccine from the CDC, the announcement said. Separating patients with respiratory illnesses from other patients California: Honing hygiene practices New York: doses for kids distributed About 1,600 eligible Quincy residents had entered their names for the flu-shot lottery as of yesterday, said Karen McKim, RN, a public health nurse in the city health department. The city received about 1,000 doses from the state and had separately purchased another 300 doses for city employees, she said. Now all 1,300 doses will be used for seniors and the chronically ill. The Mendocino County Public Health Department departed from CDC recommendations to limit the number of people eligible for vaccines, according to a report published Nov 6 in the Ukiah Daily Journal. The county is recommending people ages 70 and older get flu shots, as opposed to the CDC guideline of anybody 65 or older. The county will also tighten its definition for chronic disease, the county’s public health nursing director, Carol Whittingslow, was quoted as saying. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials met with Illinois officials last week, but hadn’t given authorization as of Nov 8. A letter from Lester Crawford, DVM, PhD, acting commissioner of the FDA, on Oct 27 indicated FDA was trying to identify flu vaccine sources and would work with Illinois, but emphasized the importance of assuring a safe vaccine and delivery process. Vaccine has proved more plentiful than the situation indicated a month ago in Minnesota, the AP reported on Nov 7. Nursing homes have enough flu vaccine, officials told the AP. Jumps in sales might indicate that flu is emerging, Julie Gerberding told the Associated Press (AP) during the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in Washington, DC. Within three weeks after the Chiron announcement, the state received an additional 196,000 doses, Calonge said. Those have been distributed according to the CDC guidelines, with eligible residents receiving shots on a first-come, first-served basis, he said. He expressed a concern that straying from those guidelines could lead to liability problems. Sixty-two-year-old Nick Pallotto, who works as Santa Claus each year, entered the limelight when a Colorado Springs, Colo., clinic denied him a flu shot on Nov 6. “We consider this the highest of the high priorities,” McKim said. “There’s going to be so many of us drawing the names, just to get this done. Then we’ll have to alphabetize them all and call them back,” she said. More than 200,000 doses of vaccine reached Colorado before Chiron’s vaccine lots were condemned in early October, Calonge said today. “It was given out in mass flu-vaccination clinics,” and authorities don’t know how many of those doses reached the highest-priority patients. Providing masks to all patients with symptoms of a respiratory illness The shots will go to county health departments, which will determine how to allocate them, a spokesman told the AP One low-risk state resident made national news this week when he tried to obtain a flu shot. Scrambling for vaccine: A sampling of responses (Oct 28, 2004, series article) Quincy public health officials once vaccinated as many as 5,000 people each flu season, but budget woes forced them to reduce that number to about 2,400 people in recent years, McKim said. This year, a number of vaccine doses have been distributed to pediatricians, so the public health department is focusing on the 75-and-older crowd and younger adults with provable, serious chronic diseases. The Florida Health Department said it is receiving 140,000 doses of flu over the next week, according to a Nov 8 AP story. That follows the delivery of 440,000 doses 2 weeks ago, the AP said. Pallotto is too young and healthy to be vaccinated, the AP reported. But his work as Santa brought about 10,000 kids to his lap in 2003, which is why he gets a flu shot every year, he told a reporter. “We have a high senior population and we found it [a lottery] was probably the fairest way to do it,” McKim told CIDRAP News. Florida: Phase two of vaccinating Minnesota: Supplies unexpectedly improved Nov 11, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – Massachusetts residents in at least three communities are hoping to obtain flu shots through the luck of the draw as local health departments seek the fairest way to distribute limited vaccine supplies among those who need them the most. Colorado has an estimated 1.1 to 1.2 million people eligible for vaccination this year, said Ned Calonge, MD, MPH, chief medical officer for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Below are glimpses of what’s happening in several other states. At the national level, the director of the CDC has announced a plan to monitor sales of over-the-counter drugs as one way to spot local influenza outbreaks, she told reporters on Nov 7. A month ago most nursing homes in the state lacked vaccine, but enough has since been found to supply all 405 facilities. Officials say that the state has received a total of about 800,000 doses of vaccine. In Massachusetts, local departments are free to develop their own distribution plan, providing they hew to statewide emergency eligibility rules: vaccine can be given to seniors 75 years and older, children 6 to 23 months old, patients with severe chronic illness, and pregnant women, according to a Nov 7 Boston Globe story. Those guidelines are more restrictive than the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. Redefining eligibility is increasingly common as state and local departments try to stretch vaccine supplies in a time of shortage. In Massachusetts, the Holyoke, Quincy, and Upton health departments are conducting lotteries. Unwilling to watch this flu season unfold with such limited vaccine, governors in two states have announced they will try to buy vaccine from European wholesalers, though neither state has federal approval to make the purchases, the AP reported on Nov 4. New Mexico and Illinois want to import about 400,000 doses combined, the story said. The same story reported that the health department sent a letter to physicians recommending a few simple steps to improve respiratory hygiene in clinics, including:last_img read more

Luka Burilović, Croatian Chamber of Commerce: Domestic products must be the key to the recognition of our tourism

first_imgThis year, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce is once again organizing a specialized project Let’s buy a Croatian-Croatian product for Croatian tourism, which will take place from November 22nd to 23rd at the Plaza Event Center (formerly HYPO Center) in Zagreb.Opening the specialized project Croatian Product for Croatian Tourism, the President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Luka Burilović pointed out that the importance of tourism for our economy is immeasurable, and that it is a sector on which the recovery of the entire economy rests. to promote domestic production through it. ” Reducing imports, greater self-sufficiency and rounding off the production and sales process, as it is popularly called – from the field to the table – is our ultimate goal. We want to connect public and private, sea and continent, big and small, so that together we can do our best and use the huge potential that we have as a country. “, said Burilović.Once again, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce ensured the response of the largest hotel chains, independent hotels, small and family hotels, caterers and other tourism service providers from all over Croatia for all exhibitors and manufacturers, of which there were 65 on sale. “I am extremely pleased with the numerous testimonies of our entrepreneurs and companies that at B2B meetings within this action they concluded long-term business cooperation, placed their products in large hotel chains and established cooperation with small family hotels. “, pointed out Burilović, adding that it is very important that 16 financial institutions responded to the action because without easily available capital there is no investment, and therefore no development.Stjepan Kožić, Zagreb County Prefect, said that it was important to help small producers to place their products in tourism, at a reasonable price. “Zagreb County is primarily a rural area and we see this as an advantage for the development of family farms. The development of wine roads and cheese roads are projects that bring together our producers and through them they create original products that attract new tourists.”, Pointed out Kožić, noting that tourism at the state level will be even more competitive when we develop it on the continent.”Croatian tourism has prepared for a step forward in representing the continent. We are preparing a law that will encourage its development, I hope we will pass it by the end of the year. With it, after a decade of waiting, we open the possibility of dealing with health tourism in private hospitals and clinics, give them legality and enable them to sell arrangements. Finally, something is being launched that we can deal with 12 months a year and we no longer sell not only the service, but also the knowledge that we can match the surrounding countries.”, Said the Minister of Tourism Gary Cappelli, adding that he expects investment growth of 40 percent, from 800 million euros this year to 1,2 billion next year.That domestic products must be the key to the recognition of Croatian tourism is the key message that was wanted to be sent, and this was the topic of the first panel discussion where experts from the private and public sector discussed. “Moshoulder to connect green and blue Croatia, and as I am a Slavonian, I believe that this region can give a big boost to development. The share of our products in tourism is still insufficient and we must strive to be as high as possible”, Said Burilović. He emphasized the problem of labor shortage, which, according to him, should be solved in the long run by reforming education, to harmonize it with the needs of the market, and sees the dual vocational education promoted by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce as an ideal solution.Marin Pucar, President of the Management Board of Podravka, cited Vegeta as an ideal example of product promotion through tourism, which has conquered foreign markets thanks to guests from those countries. “Tourism is an extremely good showcase for product promotion. We need to connect smaller producers and start even more intensive cooperation with them. Croatian gastronomy is an export asset and we want to create products that guests will remember, so that they can look for our products that they consumed on vacation in their stores.”, Said Pucar.State Secretary from the Ministry of Tourism, Tonči Glavina, commented on the problem of labor shortage. “WITHyou from the tourism industry will confirm to you that they are investing significantly in the workforce and that this is being done systematically. We must openly tell young people that, if they are educated for tourism, they practically have a guaranteed job in Croatia. In the long run, we need to invest in the lifelong education of students and mentors to meet the challenges ahead, and in the short term we need 15.000 workers that we will have to introduce if we fail to find them in the domestic market.”, Said Glavina, adding that the direction of development of our tourism is the quality that leads to higher consumption per guest. “We were ahead of our time because we had our own production a few decades ago, with the war it all died down, but we are rebuilding that cycle in a different way. We started working with local family farms, fishermen and so we revived their business throughout the year. We work 7 million kuna only with small producers and we strive to ensure that everything we serve to customers comes from a circle of about 50 kilometers”, Said Goran Filipović from the management of Jadranka, adding that homemade, indigenous and fresh is what guests recognize.Owner of Sunce concern – Bluesun, Jako Andabak, pointed out that quality and autochthonous is what suits foreign guests. “We have tourists who have not only come to rest and sunbathe, but also come to experience the gastronomy of our country. This process is developing, we are slowly reaching more and more quality tourists, but also the offer we offer them. We as a system work extremely hard with our food manufacturers and I would say that we have almost no importer of components other than what is really not possible to procure from us. It is not only the price that is most important to us, but we are looking to buy Croatian because we will benefit in the long run”Andabak said. He praised the expertise of domestic workers, but also announced that he would have to import labor if the situation did not change.As part of the event, there will be a presentation of products in the fair atmosphere, then arranged B2B meetings in a special VIP B2B room and receiving financial advice in a separate room – Financial Corner. The action will open its doors to citizens and group visits to schools and colleges so that representatives of the youngest school and student population can see, taste and buy local products.last_img read more

Electability of governors Ganjar, Ridwan rises amid COVID-19’s ‘electoral incentives’: Survey

first_imgAnies saw his electability rating go down from 12.1 percent in February to 10.4 percent in May, while Sandiaga, formerly Prabowo’s running mate in the 2019 race, garnered only 6 percent of the vote in May compared to the 9.5 percent he got in February.Burhanuddin said regional leaders had more “electoral incentives” amid the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two months as they could show off their policies on managing the health crisis, which subsequently affected politics at a national scale.”Regional figures who lead big populations could use the opportunity as an electoral incentive because they could appear more often in the media, as the only issue that is in the public eye right now is COVID-19,” he said.He said the phenomenon also explained Prabowo’s electability drop. “His position as defense minister doesn’t give him direct control over COVID-19 handling.”Read also: Prabowo keeps a low profile, Gerindra simmers in uneasy alliance with JokowiGanjar and Ridwan are among the regional leaders who have been in the spotlight over their COVID-19 policies.In Central Java, for instance, Ganjar prepared a Heroes Cemetery to bury medical workers who died after handling COVID-19 patients as some locals were opposed to their bodies being buried near their homes. He also distributed aid packages to residents of Central Java who were currently residing in Greater Jakarta because they could not return home due to a mudik (exodus) ban and introduced a community movement program to manage food and security in response to the pandemic in the province.Ridwan conducted massive COVID-19 rapid testing and random swab test sampling on commuter lines and at markets in West Java. He also criticized a number of the central government’s policies, questioning the validity of its COVID-19 data and its decision to raise Health Care and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) premiums.In the case of Anies, Burhanuddin said that one of the challenges he faced was that Jokowi’s voters in the 2019 election were apparently still reluctant to support him due to disharmony between the two, which may be good news for the other potential candidates.”Jokowi’s supporters think of Anies as the challenger to the central administration or Jokowi’s policy and vice versa. That’s why the votes of Jokowi supporters are split between Ganjar and Ridwan,” he said, suggesting that Anies would benefit from working on appealing to voters from outside the capital.Responding to the survey, Hendrawan Supratikno of the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) said discussions on it were still too early because its results would change.He said the PDI-P had prepared 20 possible presidential and vice-presidential candidates of various backgrounds and political parties. “We take the survey as a note,” Hendrawan said.Ganjar, a PDI-P politician, said on Tuesday that it would be up to the party over whether it would nominate him as a candidate, adding that he did not want to think about the race yet considering the current situation.“We will still face the excesses of the [pandemic]; for example, its social and economic aspects,” he said.Topics : Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil are trending upward as potential candidates for the 2024 presidential race, according to the latest published poll, which shows their electability ratings as having risen in recent months.The survey, commissioned by pollster Indikator Politik Indonesia and conducted through phone calls from May 16 to 18, revealed that 11.8 percent of the 181,200 respondents polled from across the country said they would vote for Ganjar if the election were held now, while 7.7 percent said they would vote for Ridwan. The electability ratings of Ganjar and Ridwan increased by 2.7 percent and 3.9 percent in the May survey, respectively, compared to a similar survey conducted by the pollster in February.At least three others, namely Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and Gerindra Party executive Sandiaga Uno, saw their electability drop in the latest poll, though they were still listed among the top five most electable candidates – alongside the two governors – for the 2024 presidential race.“The 2024 race will be more competitive,” the pollster’s executive director, Burhanuddin Muhtadi, told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday, noting that no one was currently dominating the headlines.Indikator Politik Indonesia’s survey in February show Prabowo, the erstwhile rival of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo in the 2019 presidential race, with a strong lead among the top potential candidates with an electability of 22.2 percent. However, the Gerindra chairman only garnered 14.1 percent of the vote in the May survey.last_img read more

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis prepares to open outdoor attraction

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is preparing to open a 7.5 acre, $24.5 million outdoor attraction that is expected to increase attendance.The Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience has 12 outdoor and three indoor exhibits that includes activities from a variety of sports.Statistics show the museum draws about 1.2 million visitors each year.The Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience officially opens on March 17 and tickets range from $16 to $37 depending on how far inadvance the purchase is made. Tickets for the outdoor experience only can be purchased for less than $10 and good from 5 to 8 p.m. only.last_img read more

Which South Florida Beaches are Open?

first_imgMost Florida beaches have reopened, but with variety of restrictions. And in South Florida some beaches are open, and some are not. Here is the status of South Florida beaches compiled by FloridaPolitics.comA protestor, who did not want to be identified, holds a sign reading “Please Open Beaches” as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at a news conference during the new coronavirus pandemic, Thursday, May 14, 2020, in Doral, Fla. DeSantis has signed an executive order for the gradual reopening of Miami-Dade and Broward counties on May 18. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)Broward County: Beaches closedBeaches remain closed, but the Hollywood Broadwalk as of May 13 will be open to walk from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., reports Local 10. Municipal leaders in seven cities, including Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, expressed a desire to open beaches as of May 26, but County Mayor Dale Holness said it makes more sense to coordinate with Miami-Dade, The Miami Herald reports. Deerfield, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and Pompano Beach all closed beaches starting March 18, according to Local 10 News. Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered the rest of the beaches in the county closed as of March 20. Officials expect to coordinate any beach opening with Miami-Dade leaders.Martin County: Beaches open with restrictionsThe county reopened beaches on May 4 with restrictions, according to TC Palm. But after seeing excessive crowds, access to the beaches was restricted to only county residents as of May 14, WPBF reports. Individuals have to sit at least six feet apart with social distancing enforced. Hobe Sound, which borders Palm Beach County, remains closed. County Commissioners have considered limiting beach access to weekdays and will revisit the discussion after Mother’s Day weekend, according to the Palm. County Commissioners previously closed all public county beaches as of March 22, according to WPTV.Miami-Dade County: Beaches closedMayor Carlos Giménez on March 19 ordered all beaches closed in the community, the first South Florida jurisdiction to do so. While he has discussed developing a plan to reopen parks, Giménez made clear beaches are not planned to reopen yet in the Florida county with the most cases of COVID-19.Monroe County: Beaches open, travel restrictedKew West city leaders on April 27 opened all parks and beaches, according to the Key West Citizen. But it remains difficult for anyone not living on the Florida Keys to visit them. County Commissioners starting March 24 imposed limitations so only residents and limited workers could access the string of islands via U.S. 1; that restriction lifts on June 1. Gov. Ron DeSantis on March 30 issued a safer at home order closing down all nonessential business in South Florida counties until mid-April. County beaches never closed. However, Keys Weekly reports some municipalities closed beaches under their jurisdiction. Marathon reopened beaches on May 4, but will limit access to pavilions. Islamorada reopened beaches on May 4 to residents onlyPalm Beach County: Beaches open with restrictionsCounty Commissioners tentatively set a plan for opening beaches on May 18, but only to county residents initially. Restrictions and timelines will be discussed further at a May 15 meeting. Municipalities will be allowed to decide if their own beaches remain closed, and Palm Beach city officials expect to take the issue up May 15 as well, The Palm Beach Post reports. Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order closing all Palm Beach beaches as of March 20, but left it to local government when to reopen them. DeSantis has lifted a statewide stay-at-home order but it initially remained in effect for three South Florida counties with the state’s highest numbers of infections. After Palm Beach County leaders suggested the community may now be on the other side of the curve, DeSantis agreed to allow Phase One reopening there as of May 11.St. Lucie County: Beaches openCounty Commissioners voted to reopen beaches beginning April 28, and lifted all temporary restrictions on uses and activities as of May 7, reports TC Palm. County beaches closed March 23 after crowds failed to adhere to social distancing, TC Palm reports. Here is a list of all the beaches in the state.last_img read more

Dominic Thiem shoots down Big 3 idea of collecting money for struggling tennis players

first_imgImage Courtesy: Getty/APAdvertisement mwiNBA Finals | Brooklyn VsgtWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E4wji( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) tq25Would you ever consider trying this?😱forwsCan your students do this? 🌚gkx2Roller skating! Powered by Firework While the novel Coronavirus pandemic has brought world sports to a complete halt, and it has led to the upcoming and struggling sportspersons taking a toll. In tennis, its the low ranking players that are suffering the most. While the ‘Big Three’ of tennis- Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic decided to join hands together for aiding the struggling players, Dominic Thiem is skeptical about the endeavour.Advertisement Image Courtesy: Getty/APLast week, Djokovic announced that he would team up with Federer and Nadal with an aim of raising between $3 million to $4.5 milion for the lower ranked tennis players.The fundraiser, with the help of the season-ending World Tour Finals prize money and the bonus pools for the high ranking stars, is planned to aid players ranked between 200-250, and 700-1000, as they don’t have sponsorship support and are now dragging themselves in the COVID-19 crisis.Advertisement However, Thiem believes none of the low-ranking players will actually go without food or struggle for their lives in the lock down.“Quite honestly I have to say that no tennis player will be fighting to survive, even those who are much lower-ranked. None of them are going to starve,” Austrian said in a recent interview.Advertisement The world no. 3 also stated his lack of willingness to donate to players that he has seen who “don’t put the sport above everything else and don’t live in a professional manner.”He continued: “I wouldn’t really see why I should give such players money. I would rather give money to people or organisations that really need it.”The 16 times singles champion reached three Grand Slam finals, with his most recent loss being against Djokovic in the final of the 2020 Australian Open.Reaching his career-highest rank back in March, Thiem is also the second highest ranked player from Australia, and stated that his struggle to success was without any assistance.“None of us top players got anything handed to us, we all had to fight our way up,” the the 26 year old added.Tennis Sportwalk made a post on Instagram regarding Thiem’s comments, which generated a reaction from Aussie tennis ace Nick Kyrgios.“He still doesn’t understand the point. We at the top get paid far too much and there is not enough to go around, it’s about helping where we can, professional or unprofessional, put yourself in their shoes,” Kyrgios commented on the post.Image Courtesy: InstagramMore than 3,000,000 people all over the world have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, and 218,013 people have died.If you like reading about MMA, make sure you check out MMAIndia.com Also follow India’s biggest arm wrestling tournament at ProPanja.comAlso read-India lose rights for World Boxing Championships 2021 after non-payment of hosting fees Advertisementlast_img read more

A Sweet Treat Makes A Comeback

first_imgLiam Bentinck, Fair Haven, enjoys a “baby” cupcake treat at Gourmet Picnic in Fair Haven. Photo by Art Petrosemolo. ***BBPiece O Cake***ENDB, Broad Street, Shrewsbury – Joely and Anthony Carasia have been at the same site for 18 and their special order business includes all types of cakes and cupcakes. “You need to be lucky to come into the shop and buy cupcakes,” Joely smiles, “as that would happen only if we had extras from an order.” So for cupcake treats from Piece O Cake, call and order and the sky is the limit in terms of cake flavors, filling and icing. “We work within the customers budget,” Joely says, “but many people think just because we are in Monmouth County, we can do what the Cake Boss does on TV for half the cost.”***BCups & Cakes**ENDB, East River Road, Rumson –  Denise Kelleher and Elizabeth Shiftan run a cozy little spot in a building they share with a florist. It’s the kind of place you stop for coffee and a special muffin on your way to work or on the way home after picking up your kids at school.Kelleher, downsized from her New York job, was interested in staying closer to home and starting a business. She was introduced to Shiftan, a classically trained baker, who was baking for friends from home. The collaboration resulted in Cups & Cakes (the name comes from the Spinal Tap movie)  which does both walk-in retail and catering.“We opened as a traditional bakery with cakes, pies, muffins, scones, and the like, Kelleher says, “it was our customers that got us into cupcakes as they started to ask for them.” Cups & Cakes prides itself on only high quality ingredients in its baked goods described by Shiftan as “pure with nothing artificial.”Cups & Cakes offers a variety of traditional and specialty cupcakes and many have special theme decorations for parties.  They also have been asked to make special, cupcake wedding cakes . “We have seen our cupcake business grow especially over the past five months,” Kelleher explains.  “If customers want them, we’ll make them and they are now a part of our regular offerings.”Cupcakes at Cups & Cakes range from $1.50 to $3.00 depending on size, what’s on them or in them. Packaging is exquisite and take out cupcake looked like a present tied with a blue ribbon.***BGourmet Picnic***ENDB, East River Road, Fair Haven – Suzette Overien, an experienced baker, has run Gourmet Picnic for eight years.  The bright corner location with outdoor tables is a great spot for eat-it there coffee and pastry or pick it up and take it home.“Cupcakes always have been a big part of our business,” Overien says, “and especially what we call ‘baby cakes’ –  small, one bite cupcake treats in lots of flavors and toppings.Tiny cupcakes are guilt free and affordable and “everyone, regardless of if they are working or not, can treat themselves to one,” she says. “I think Crumbs Bake Shop, a high end bakery that has multiple locations on the East Coast has done a lot to help market high end cupcakes,” Overien continues, “and some of that cupcake awareness has filtered down and translates into business for local bakeries like Gourmet Picnic.”Overine does large special orders of cupcakes and, like her competitors, has done cupcake wedding cakes with a variety of flavors and toppings.Gourmet Picnic’s cupcakes start at $1.25 for minis and go to $2.50 for stuffed.Cupcake Magician, Monmouth Street, Red Bank – It’s only five months old but according to the Cupcake Magician John Nardini, business is booming. “We have a great location,” Nardini says, “and our business has increased every month.”Cupcake Magician has free parking behind the shop and John says he’ll even deliver cupcakes to Monmouth Street and your car door if you ask when you order by phone.A former union painter, Nardini said “I got tired of part-time work and decided to go into business for myself. I had always cooked and baked and the popularity of cupcakes was the push that got me started.”Dee DeBari,  whose family has owned a bakery in Hoboken for years, is John’s fulltime decorator and he keeps her busy icing  or stuffing more than 500 cupcakes every weekdays and more than 1000 on weekends. Cupcake Magician currently has 37 different flavored cupcakes (cake and icing) with new, seasonal, and non-traditional offerings added each week like French Toast or Pancakes and Bacon.***BCupcake Magician**ENDB caters along with its retail operation and has provided upwards of 600 cupcakes for a school outing. Nardini allows customers to order on-line through his website for pick-up and advertises specials to his more than 650 friends and followers on Facebook.The Devil Dog cupcake is CM’s best seller but he has had busts too….just ask  him about the “malted milk ball” cupcake, which,  he says “just didn’t cut it and was soon off the menu.” Nardini makes pricing easy at Cupcake Magician with regular cupcakes at $2 and mini’s at $1.***BSugarush**ENDB, East Front Street, Red Bank – Partners Chris Paseka and Jesse Bello opened less than a year ago right around the corner from Riverview Hospital and they wanted to be unique. “We wanted out cupcakes to be different,” Paseka says, “and you can’t be much different if you have a case full of what everyone else has.”So, the partners decided on what they describe as a cupcake bar.  “We have five basic cupcake flavors and then you pick the icing or icing and stuffing as well as the toppings.  Yes, it takes a little longer,” they say, “but what you get is a truly unique cupcake.”Both Paseka and Bello always had a love of baking and cakes for parties and special events for friends and family. “We just decided to make it fulltime,” Paseka says, “ and we quit our New York jobs and began looking for the right location.” Bello grew up in Middletown and the partners liked the idea of a small, walk-around community site. The Red Bank location fit the bill.Like the other bake shops, Sugarush does a lot more than cupcake retail. Catering is a big part of the business with dozens of weekend parties requiring cakes and cupcakes. They have done as many as 800 cupcakes for a special event. “Our business is growing with some basic, local advertising and word of mouth,” Paseka says. Pricing at Sugarush varies depending on stuffing and toppings but, like the other bakeries, is in the $2 – $3 range for full size cupcakes.Sugarush has made philanthropy a part of its business plan since day one and each week has a charity cupcake special where a portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to a local or national charity. IF YOU HAVEN’T nibbled on a cupcake recently,  you must have spent the last few years at the North Pole. From birthday parties to lunch boxes with weddings in-between, the sweet treat has become the trendy indulgence for just about everyone.Joely and Anthony Carasia (Piece O Cake, Shrewsbury) have been in business on Broad Street for 18 years and their award winning wedding and party cakes are area favorites. “We’ve made cupcakes from the start,” Joely, a French Culinary Institute graduate, says, “but in recent years, they have become more of a trend and we see moms using them for parties and brides requesting them for wedding cakes.”Although a dozen cupcake may be smaller than a full size cake, Joely explains, it takes more work. “Cupcakes are very labor intensive as they all have to be decorated separately; it’s time consuming.” Joely has seen customers go over the top on cupcakes with elaborate decorations that puts the per cupcake price above $5.The cupcake trend started, according to an article in the ***ITALSWall Street Journal**ENDTALS, as a way to treat your sweet tooth without spending a lot of cash during the recession. More recently, cupcakes have taken on a life of their own fueled by television shows like DC Cupcake, programs on the food networks, magazine, newspaper and on-line articles. “But Joely says, “they are a trend and people hosting parties or weddings always are looking for something new. They won’t go away entirely but something else will take their place that’s for sure.”Even if that’s the case, for now, cupcakes are hot and here in the two rivers communities, new cupcake bakeries have sprung up and traditional bakeries have added cupcakes to their offerings so you can fill that childhood craving for something small and sweet. And with so much emphasis today on portion size and calorie counts, cupcakes seem to have found their niche.Cupcakes have been around for more than a century and may trace their name to the measure (a cup) of each ingredient used in the mix or possibly the fact that they were first baked in small teacups. In the 1950s homemaking era, cupcakes became extremely popular with moms who baked for and with their children. Hostess (brand)  Cupcakes  were first sold in 1952 and are still popular today.A decade ago, the TV show **ITALSSex In the City**ENDTALS gave cupcakes a monster push when the cast visited Magnolia Bakery (which still thrives in New York City on Bleeker Street) for cupcake treats. Small mom and pop shops blossomed in cities around the country and bakeries added fancy cupcakes to their offerings as everyone seemed to rediscover these treats.Monmouth County is no exception with small, successful specialty bakeries selling the sweet treats. A few of the areas most popular spots to indulge in cupcakes are: Piece O Cake in Shrewsbury, Gourmet Picnic in Fair Haven, Cupcake Magician and Sugarush in Red Bank, and Cups and Cakes in Rumson.The keys to good cupcakes are ingredients, flavors and stuffing, decorations and presentation and each of the bakers interviewed echoed these sentiments. So if what you need for a pick-me-up is something sweet, here are five spots to satisfy your craving.last_img read more

Kinrade makes most of increased time as Sens advance on AHL playoff trail

first_imgBy Bruce FuhrThe Nelson Daily SportsRallying from a 3-1 deficit in a best-of-seven series is quite an accomplishment for any team.But winning all three of those games in overtime — four if you count an extra time victory in game two — definitely increases the ticks on the pacemaker.That’s just what happened to the Binghamton Senators as the Ottawa farm team ran the table — in overtime — to defeat the Manchester Monarchs 4-3 in the best-of-seven AHL Calder Cup series.Ryan Potulny’s overtime winner in Game 7 gave the Sens a 6-5 victory Saturday night at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, N.H.“It was the most emotionally and physically taxing hockey I’ve ever experienced,” Nelson Minor Hockey grad and second-year Binghamton defenceman, Geoff Kinrade told The Nelson Daily.“I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad we’re done with them.”Kinrade, 25, was thrust into bigger minutes than what was originally expected after injuries to Baby Sens blueline forced head coach Kurt Kleinendorst to go with four defencemen — Kinrade, Craig Schira, veteran Andre Benoit and rookie Patrick Wiercioch.The increased time on the ice proved to be a blessing in disguise as Kinrade scored the OT winner — his first playoff goal of his professional career — during Friday’s game six in Manchester.“I thought (game six) was going to last forever,” said Kinrade, inking a free-agent contract with Binghamton after four great years at Michigan Tech. “It showed no sign of ending. I was really surprised it ended when it did.”Trailing 1-0 after 40 minutes, Bobby Butler pulled Binghamton even with his third goal of the playoffs midway through the third period.The score stayed the same until Kinrade, grabbing the puck behind the net, surprised Martin Jones in the Monarch net.“(The goal) was off a rush coming down the left side,” explained Kinrade, earning the game’s first star for his heroics. “My initial shot was intended for a rebound for (Erik) Condra, which he shot wide.“I kept my momentum and collected the puck from behind the net and wrapped it around far side (beating Jones).”The comeback matches the Sens against Eastern Conference regular season champion, Portland Pirates.The series starts Wednesday in Portland. The format is two, three games in Binghamton, and the final two back in Portland.“We’ll do fine,” the confident speaking Kinrade said. “We have enough confidence to play well. The drama from the last series shouldn’t carry over negatively at all.”
 Portland and Binghamton split the regular season series with each team winning on the road.Kinrade, in his first professional hockey post-season, has four points in the playoffs.sports@thenelsondaily.comlast_img read more

Nelson/Castlegar needs to work a little extra time to capture Cranbrook tourney title

first_imgNathan Medeiros scored in overtime to lift the Nelson/Castlgar to a 3-2 victory over the host Kings team in the final of the Peewee Rep Minor Hockey Tournament Sunday in Cranbrook.Medeiros, picked up the loose puck before putting a shifty move on the Cranbrook defense man and scoring the winning goal off the cross-bar to make the Nelson/Castlegar Leafs tournament champions.In a spirited final game, Nelson/Castlegar took a 2-0 lead only to see the host team rally to even the score to send the game into overtime. Nelson/Castlegar started the extra period on the power play due to a residual Cranbrook penalty taken late in the third period. Nelson/Castlegar finished the round robin in third place in the 10-team round robin tournament, forcing a semi final showdown against Trail.Nelson/Castlegar rallied from a 4-2 deficit to force overtime.Early in the extra period, Nelson/Castlegar managed to scored a rebound marker to advance the West Kootenay squad into the final against the Cranbrook Kings.The Nelson/Castlegar Leafs consist of Benjamin Haydu and Bryce Anderson in net, Chase MacKinnon, Connor Stainer, Mason Ouchi, and Simon Forrester on defense with wingers Dylan Moynes, Nathan Medeiros, Jackson Cousins, Devan Andrusak, Gavin Margerison, and Koby Upper centered by Dylan Watts and Reid Gerrand. Not participating in the tournament due to injury were centerman Pax Arrowsmith and winger Alexander Andersen.last_img read more