House approves Rep Lucidos resolution to save Selfridge Air Base

first_img Categories: Lucido News The Michigan House on Tuesday approved state Rep. Peter J. Lucido’s House Resolution 29, a measure calling on Congress to ensure replacement aircraft are assigned to Selfridge Air National Guard Base should the A-10 fleet be shelved.Approval of the resolution comes as part of the A-10 fleet and pilots from Selfridge are being deployed to Southwest Asia in the fight against ISIS.“The news from the Macomb Daily that A-10s and airmen from Selfridge are being deployed to assist in the fight against ISIS show the importance of both the base and these planes to our national security,” said Rep. Lucido, a Republican from Shelby Township. “This fleet and the brave men and women who serve our nation out of Selfridge are proving just how vital they are to keeping America safe from outside threats.”Selfridge Air National Guard Base has a $700 million impact on the local economy, and the 18 A-10s at the base directly support 535 jobs.Rep. Lucido represents the 36th House District, serving the townships of Shelby, Washington, Bruce and the Village of Romeo.### 23Apr House approves Rep. Lucido’s resolution to save Selfridge Air Baselast_img read more

Rep Hughes requests 6 million to address veterans home changes

first_img State Rep. Holly Hughes, R-Montague, has sent letters to the chairmen of the House Committee on Appropriations and Appropriations Subcommittee on Military and Veterans Affairs seeking $6 million to provide more robust oversight of the state’s two veterans care facilities.Her request comes following three joint-committee meetings involving the House Committee on Oversight and Ethics and House Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs, to review the mid-February report by the State Auditor General’s office regarding resident care and conditions at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.“One idea that came up to address a perceived lack of oversight of the homes by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs was to instead have the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) provide oversight,” wrote Rep. Hughes in her letter to state Rep. Al Pscholka, chair of the Committee on Appropriations, and state Rep. Larry Inman, chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Military and Veterans Affairs. “My understanding, however, is that there are currently some physical limitations with each of the homes that must be addressed in order for them to be certified by CMS. Much of the $6 million that I am recommending would be used to make the necessary modifications. The additional funding would allow the new leadership team at the homes to hire additional staff on a short-term basis to address the immediate issues brought forth by the audit.”During the most recent committee hearing, Rep. Hughes, vice-chair of the House Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs, implored her fellow committee members to support more funding for veterans.“We can, and we must, do better for our veteran heroes at the state level,” Rep. Hughes added in her letter. “Funding this request would be a great first step to ensuring that happens.”The joint committee issued a 10-item list of recommendations on Thursday, following the third day of testimony from state veterans officials and Home for Veterans administrators and residents. 22Mar Rep. Hughes requests $6 million to address veterans’ home changes Categories: Hughes News,Newslast_img read more

Spains Movistar TV has secured exclusive rights t

first_imgSpain’s Movistar TV has secured exclusive rights to Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup qualifying matches over the next four years.UEFA has awarded Telefónica-owned IPTV service provider Movistar TV the exclusive rights to qualifying matches for the Euro 2016 competition in France, as well as rights to qualifying matches of European teams for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.From September, Movistar TV will air the matches on a new dedicated international football channel.The qualifying matches for European teams will join the main club competitions that were already offered on Movistar TV, such as the Liga BBVA, the Champions League and the Europa League.Movistar TV already offers two theme channels dedicated to sports, Movistar MotoGP and Movistar F1, where motor racing fans can enjoy more than 30 hours of live broadcasts from each Grand Prix and six HD channels to choose from during each race.Separately, UEFA has awarded the French rights to the Europa League football tournament for the 2015-18 seasons to the existing rightsholders BeIN Sports and M6 Group.M6-owned digital channel W9 will have the first choice of matches on each competition day from the group stages to the final, with a total of 15 matches to be viewed live an unencrypted.Al Jazeera-owned BeIN Sports will hold rights to show all competition matches – 205 in total including the rights to co-broadcast the matches aired by W9.W9 will also continue to air its 100% Foot magazine programme with post-match highlights from each day’s matches.last_img read more

Vivendi has triggered a request for a meeting of T

first_imgVivendi has triggered a request for a meeting of Telecom Italia’s   shareholders to appoint new auditors and has called for the dismissal of chairman Fulvio Conti and four other board members nominated by its rival for control of the Italian telco, Elliott Management.Vivendi has proposed the nomination of Franco Bernabè, Rob van der Valk, Flavia Mazzarella, Gabriele Galateri di Genola and Frencesco Vatalaro to replace Elliott-nominated directors Conti, Alfredo Altavilla, Massimo Ferrari, Dante Roscini and Paolo Giannotti de Ponti.Vivendi said that Elliott had sought to obtain the votes of shareholders at the May 4 meeting that saw control of the company pass from Vivendi to the hedge fund and its allies by saying it would continue to support the management team led by Vivendi appointee Amos Genish but had then engineered Genish’s dismissal in November “without legal basis” and “in violation of responsible corporate governance practice”, having worked to undermine the CEO in the interim.Vivendi accused Elliott of seeking shareholder support by misleading shareholders as to its true intentions – a break-up of the company – and of shielding its own investment from the sharp fall in TIM’s share price under its watch by entering into a collar agreement with JP Morgan last April.Vivendi accused Conti of acting as an executive director, engineering a controversial write-down of assets while refusing to allow the board to discuss recovery plans put forwards by Genish, and of then securing Genish’s dismissal while the latter was outside the country.Vivendi, in its request for a shareholders meeting to be called, also slammed the failure of the TIM board to call a meeting to appoint an external auditor and called on it to convene the meeting “as soon as possible” to appoint new auditors “as required by applicable law provisions”.Vivendi said that, as a shareholder that had invested approvimately €4 billion in TIM, it “cultivates a long-term perspective” to “maximise the value growth” of the business, and argued that it was “essential” that the current governance of the company “be removed as soon as possible to prevent any further damage”.last_img read more

OTT TV providers need to tackle churn just as urge

first_imgOTT TV providers need to tackle churn just as urgently as pay TV companies, says Gilles Domartini, CEO and founder, Cleeng.We hear a lot about churn in traditional pay TV but how big a challenge is churn for OTT TV operators?Both pay TV and OTT providers have churn as a main challenge. The main differences between the two is closely related to payments and customer experience.Regarding payments, most traditional pay TV providers have classic, invoice-based payments that are highly predictable and standardised. In the OTT case, most consumers use credit cards to do transactions. On average, these cards expire in three years, meaning you lose 3% monthly due to payment failure alone.Regarding the customer experience, pay TV providers have a predictable infrastructure as they own the network, provide the set-top boxes etc. In OTT, this infrastructure or consumption platform is unknown to the operator, as viewers may watch their content on desktop, mobile, via apps or the web, with varying quality.Ultimately, churn can be fatal. It isn’t unusual among the prospects that reach out to us to see churn rates ranging from 20% to 40%. Improving these metrics is essential to reach a positive ROI and continue to grow your subscriber base year-on-year.What do SVOD and OTT TV companies need to put in place to predict churn with a degree of accuracy?The answer sounds simple but it turns complex in practice.Looking at this from an OTT service perspective, the quality standards need to be raised significantly. Churn can become hard to control, as it can happen at any point during the customer journey, due to various reasons like payment failure, a thin content catalogue, low engagement levels, bad viewing experience, lack of customer support, etc.Having a clear and comprehensive view on the full customer journey is a must. This journey starts from the initial login or registration, choosing a payment method, and ends with interaction with customer support.Once you have mapped this flow, you need to consolidate the relevant data from all the available data points, and build a 360° view of your users’ behaviour, considering all the possible scenarios.For example, when you can see a case when a user hasn’t logged on in the past couple of months and his payment card is expiring soon, you can design a campaign to retain that user.How far can analysis of customer data help OTT operators address the problem?We believe, very far. The analysis of customer data is critical and can help on many fronts. At the start, it gives you a better insight of your users’ behaviour. That gives you ammunition to tackle churn. Knowing exactly why subscribers left can help you improve your service by fine-tuning your content strategy, improving streaming quality, adjusting your marketing targeting etc.Once you master that practice, you can start to predict behaviour. Just a few companies are currently doing this well, and this will be key for the battle against the big guns, like Netflix and Amazon.What are examples of the types of measures can OTT TV providers put in place to reduce churn?Churn deserves a serious focus and a break-down of all the factors causing it. Once you understand all the different causes and their impact levels, it’s easier to define an improvement plan. Currently, most of the tech vendors focus on the payment-generated factors for churn, like transaction failures, expired cards and low balances and set up mechanisms for streamlining that flow. This is important, yet insufficient.We have identified two other critical groups of factors:Engagement-generated or what defines the usage of your service: frequency and time of viewing, quality of experience (buffering, start/pause).Satisfaction-generated or what defines how happy viewers are with your service: the number of support inquires, languages support, NPS score.Once you master these three dimensions, you can truly tackle churn effectively.What can Cleeng specifically offer to help operators tackle churn?Cleeng opted for a video focused, data-driven, 360° take on churn. We have the benefit of focusing strictly on e-commerce video solutions (PPV, SVOD), and that allows us to integrate the tech ecosystem into one solution and build a comprehensive dashboard.We are super-confident about our new, unique product, named Cleeng ChurnIQ. It empowers OTT broadcasters to tackle churn at all the phases of the customer journey, from login, to payment, consumption, ending with customer care.We have integration with authentication, payment, front-end, QoE, and marketing solutions to achieve this. It’s all about prediction and action.We consolidate all these data points and present the insights via an easy-to-digest dashboard designed for the OTT decision maker. Together with the prediction tools, decision makers are fully equipped to take actions that reduce churn, minimise workload and optimise ROI.We encourage you to see ChurnIQ in action. Book a demo at the upcoming NAB Show.This Q&A is sponsored content.last_img read more