Moroccan Intelligence Services Help Spain Thwart Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

Rabat – Moroccan intelligence services have allegedly helped their Spanish counterparts thwart a terrorist attack in Barcelona, according to the Moroccan daily Assabah.Morocco’s General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance (DGST) provided Spanish intelligence services with “valuable information” to dismantle two active cells whose mission was to inflict as much damage as the terrorist attacks perpetuated in Paris of November 13.Morocco helped Spain avoid a tragedy of great magnitude in the Catalan region, which has risen its security alert to its highest level, as well as that of its French borders. According to the same source, the first cell was active cell between France, Spain and Belgium, whereas the second one operated between Barcelona and Northern Morocco.The movements of these networks have unveiled their recruitment of thousands of jihadists following the airstrikes carried out by the international coalition against the positions of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).Over the weekend, Spanish police arrested three alleged jihadists, tow men and a woman. All of them are of Moroccan origin, according to the Spanish newspaper ABC. It is likely that the Spanish Minister of Interior of Interior, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, declared the state of emergency in Barcelona after receiving this information from his Moroccan counterparts.In a statement to the press last week, the minister that Morocco and Spain, have been cooperating on a large scale in the fight against terrorism in order to tackle any threats that might come from the Jihadists.According to Spanish daily ABC, the three alleged jihadists arrested in Catalonia worked as correspondents of ISIS in Spain.“The role of the three, two men and a woman, who were in contact with jihadists in Syria through internet, was to capture terrorists, especially women, to exalt and spread contents such as videos, black flags of the Islamic State and comments that incite people to join ISIS,” according to the same source.Moroccan intelligence services have helped thwart a series of terrorist attacks in Morocco and Europe.Following the Paris terrorist attacks last November, Morocco’s intelligence services were instrumental in helping the French security forces locate the whereabouts of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged mastermind of the attacks. The jihadist, who was killed in an assault of the French security forces, was planning to carry out another terrorist attack in the French capital. read more

M23 rebel fighters enter the city of Goma in eastern DR Congo

“The situation in and around Goma has reached a critical stage,” added the spokesperson, Eduardo Del Buey. “The M23 military advances have continued despite the demands of the Security Council, the Secretary-General, the African Union and others including countries in the region, for the M23 to immediately stop their attacks.” Addressing a news briefing at UN Headquarters in New York, he added, “Reports indicate that the M23 has wounded civilians, continued abductions of children and women, destroyed and looted property, and intimidated journalists and those who have attempted to resist their control.”Mr. Del Buey noted that the UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) is closely monitoring the situation, with its peacekeepers in control of Goma’s airport, and conducing patrols. “MONUSCO troops will remain actively present in Goma and will continue all efforts within their capabilities to protect civilians from imminent threat,” the spokesperson said.The M23 – composed of soldiers who mutinied from the DRC national army in April – launched new attacks over the weekend in North Kivu province, of which Goma is the capital, uprooting some 60,0000 civilians and prompting MONUSCO to deploy attack helicopters in aid of the national army, known by the French acronym FARDC. Mr. del Buey said that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reiterates his strong condemnation of the M23’s violations of international humanitarian and human rights law that have accompanied its military advance. “The Secretary-General underlines that those who commit violations will be held responsible for their actions,” he added.Earlier Tuesday, UN humanitarian agencies expressed concern over the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the affected areas in eastern DRC, while the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, voiced concern over reported human rights violations against civilians there. read more

Half of maritime deaths since 2002 were on recreational craft

first_img66 fatalities (49% of total)Youngest fatality (15 years)Oldest fatality (71 years)Fishing Sector:51 fatalities (38% of total)Youngest fatality (21 years)Oldest fatality (70 years)Passenger Sector:11 fatalities (8% of total)Youngest fatality (14 years)Oldest fatality (73 years)Cargo Sector:6 fatalities (5% of total)Youngest fatality (20 years)Oldest fatality (55 years) THERE HAVE BEEN 134 maritime deaths in Ireland since 2002, latest figures show.They were released as Transport Minister Leo Varadkar called for a ‘sea change’ in attitudes to maritime safety in Ireland.The 134 deaths in the maritime sector can be broken down as follows:Leisure activities: Minister Varadkar released the figures as he kick-started a maritime safety strategy consultation: Sea Change – Building a new Maritime Safety Culture.He highlighted that almost half of the maritime fatalities in the past 12 years were as a result of leisure activities on recreational craft.Minister Varadkar said: “We all need to take a fresh look at how we use the waters in and around our island, and build a culture of maritime safety in our communities. This requires a radical change of culture in our attitude to safety.”The sea and any open water can be hostile and dangerous environments and demand total respect. By consulting with stakeholders and the general public, we want to reach a situation where there are no fatalities.The results of the consultation process will feed into the first ever Maritime Safety Strategy for Ireland. This Strategy is being prepared by the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport and borrows from the successful road safety strategies that have helped make Ireland’s roads safer over the last 15 years.The goal is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries which occur every year on craft in our coastal and inland waters.Loss of life at seaSea Change looks at how to address the top 10 factors contributing to loss of life at sea in Ireland:Lack of an adequate maritime safety cultureUnsuitable or inadequately maintained safety equipment on board, or lack thereofLack of crew trainingFailure to plan journeys safely, including failure to take sea/weather conditions into accountNon-wearing of personal flotation device (PFD)Vessel unseaworthy, unstable and/or overloadedInadequate enforcement of regulationsImpairment due to fatigue or the influence of alcohol and/or drugsInadequate crewing levels/solo operationUnsuitable clothing being worn on board.Varadkar said: “We have to learn from past tragedies, in memory of those who have lost their lives, and safeguard future generations.”He urged people to engage with this consultation process – it runs until 29 August 2014, and the new strategy will be published later this year.Read: EU Commission sets out plan to harvest energy from our seas and oceans>last_img read more

Sitdown Sunday Two sisters one house and a mystery death

first_imgSitdown Sunday: Two sisters, one house, and a mystery death Grab a comfy chair and sit back with some of the week’s best longreads By Aoife Barry Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Sunday 12 Mar 2017, 9:00 AM Mar 12th 2017, 9:00 AM Short URL Share Tweet Email center_img No Comments IT’S A DAY of rest, and you may be in the mood for a quiet corner and a comfy chair.We’ve hand-picked the week’s best reads for you to savour.1. You may want to marry my husband Source: Shutterstock/marina_andrejchenkoThis wonderfully sad but beautiful piece of writing has been doing the rounds this week – it’s written by a woman who is nearing death, and who wants her husband to find love again.(New York Times, approx 10 mins reading time)When I was working on my first memoir, I kept circling sections my editor wanted me to expand upon. She would say, “I’d like to see more of this character.” Of course, I would agree — he was indeed a captivating character. But it was funny because she could have just said: “Jason. Let’s add more about Jason.” He is an absolutely wonderful father. Ask anyone. See that guy on the corner? Go ahead and ask him; he’ll tell you. Jason is compassionate — and he can flip a pancake.2. He heaviest man on the planetGQ meets Paul Mason, who used to weigh close to 1,000lbs. He has now lost nearly all of the weight, but it leaves him with many questions about how he should live his life.(GQ, approx 29 mins reading time)The logistics of getting him into surgery were unprecedented. Engineers had realized before he arrived that the operating room probably wouldn’t be sturdy enough to hold him. After consulting blueprints, they ultimately installed metal supports beneath the floor. Then doctors had to make a scary guess about how much anesthetic to pump into their patient. He needed much more than a normal person; the customary amount would merely dissolve in his body. But too much could mean death.3. How Greece fumbled the refugee crisis  Source: Shutterstock/Nicolas EconomouThousands of refugees have arrived on the shores of Greece looking for help. But some of them say that they’ve witnessed things go wrong there, leading to people living in miserable conditions. This is the despite the money that’s been pouring into the humanitarian response.(The Guardian, approx 26 mins reading time)For the established groups already working in Greece, the sudden influx of funds was both welcome and destabilising. Metadrasi, a Greek organisation known for training interpreters and caring for unaccompanied minors, had experienced staff poached by bigger new arrivals on the scene that could afford far higher salaries. The head of Metadrasi, Lora Pappa, believes the tide of money transformed refugees into “commodities” and encouraged short-term responses. 20,988 Views 4. The night Biggie was murdered Twenty years ago this week, the rapper Notorious BIG was murdered. Here’s what happened on that night in Los Angeles.(The Undefeated, approx 15 mins reading time)In the final hours of his life, Biggie Smalls was surrounded by love. Love that should have propelled him to the next chapter of a still infant career. Biggie had survived a war that six months earlier had taken the life of his former friend. A death Biggie said blindsided him. But even before that, B.I.G. believed death was always around the corner. “I’m scared to death,” he said in 1994, sitting on the third-floor steps of his mother’s apartment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. “Scared of getting my brains blown out.”5. The art of spying  Source: Shutterstock/Andrey_PopovSince 9/11, things have been changing in the world of spying, and the ‘global war on terror’ mindset has been the default at the CIA for the past 15 years. But this writer argues that the CIA is going to have to bring in even more changes to deal with today’s world.(Politico, approx 16 mins reading time)In short, the CIA looks very different today from the way it did at the height of the Cold War. The transformation was a necessary one, given the nature of the threat and the continuing evolution of groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. The global risk environment is shifting again, however, and I fear that much of the institutional knowledge about running traditional espionage operations—which will be necessary in this new environment—is gone.6. Two sisters, one house and a mysteryTwo sisters, Sheryl and Lynda Waldman, lived a reclusive life in a 4,000-square-foot home in Wisconsin. Over the years, the house slowly fell into disrepair, but Lynda would appear in the door and refuse to take any of the help offered. Then the discovery was made that Sheryl had died in the house… a long time ago.(Boston Globe, approx 24 mins reading time)The sisters, who craved privacy above all else, are now the subject of public soul-searching in a town that prides itself on progressive government and neighborly compassion: Could it be that easy for someone in their midst to disappear and die without anyone knowing? Is this an isolated tragedy, or a reminder about the vulnerability of those who lead hidden lives? And another question in this haunting case cannot yet be ruled out: Could this death have been a crime? Or the result of frightful neglect?… AND A CLASSIC FROM THE ARCHIVES… Source: Shutterstock/kosmenkodIn 2000, Esquire carried a story about the ‘perfect fire’, a blaze that began with a candle in an abandoned warehouse and ended with firefighters in danger of losing their lives.(Esquire, approx 75 mins reading time)No windows interrupted the endless rows of brick, save for a few tiny panes on the second floor, which meant there were no easy vents to bleed out heat and smoke and, if things got really hairy, no obvious escape hatches for anyone trapped inside. Hardly any of the firefighters had ever been in it, except for a few old-timers who’d cleaned up gas leaks or doused spot fires before the warehouse was abandoned in 1987 and, later, a captain named Robert A. Johnson, who got lost in a maze of meat lockers during a routine inspection. “Jesus,” he had whispered to himself then. “We’d better never get a fire in here.”More: The best reads from every previous Sitdown Sunday>last_img read more

Gardaí have filled just a fraction of counterterrorism roles they promised at

first_img 35 Comments Similarly competitions for appointment of Detective Gardaí and Sergeants to the Special Detective Unit has been completed and a panel of Candidates selected for appointment has been established. Sergeants were allocated to the Unit during 2016, with the first tranche of Gardaí allocated in March, 2017, with a further cohort of Gardaí have been allocated in recent days [sic] with the transfers to take place before the end of June, 2017.Read: Gardaí arrest two men after armed robbery and car chase through Rathfarnham >Read: Russia says that it may have killed the leader of Islamic State > Sergeants were allocated to the Bureaux in March, 2017 and Gardaí have also been allocated to these Bureaux in recent days with the transfers to take place in early July. A competition for appointment of Detective Gardaí and Sergeants to Special Crime Operations, including at the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the Garda National Protective Services Bureau, the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, including the Garda Cyber Crime Bureau, the Garda Drugs & Organised Crime Bureau and the Garda National Immigration Bureau, has now been completed and a panel of Candidates selected for appointment to these Bureaux has been established. 8,660 Views AROUND A DOZEN or so gardaí have joined the Special Detective Unit (SDU), which has responsibility for counter-terrorism in Ireland, since the start of the year, despite assurances that a large number of detectives would be appointed to it.The gardaí had said that up to 190 detectives were to be appointed to national units.At the beginning of 2017, it was announced that 160 new detectives were being assigned to Special Crimes Operations (SCO). Many of these members would have responsibility for monitoring who is entering the country. They would also give support to other garda units across the country.There was also supposed to be at least 30 new detectives appointed to the Special Detective Unit (SDU) which is responsible for the investigation of threats to state security and the monitoring of people who could pose a threat.However, has learned that just a fraction of these positions have been filled since the start of 2017.Just 12 or so officers have been moved to the SDU in this time and not all of them have been placed in counter-terrorism.Around 40 detective sergeants have been appointed to positions in either unit.Well-placed sources have confirmed to that there has been no increase in the number of detective gardaí based in immigration. Also, the competitions for these detective jobs were advertised two years ago. Fears have also been expressed that the need for detective gardaí has increased in those two years as retirements and transfers have depleted the numbers.Since the terror attacks in London and the emergence that one of the attackers lived in Dublin, questions have been raised about force’s ability to respond.Attack responseCommissioner Noirín O’Sullivan moved to reassure the public, saying that officers would be on the scene of any potential attack in Dublin city within eight minutes – the same time it took the Met police in London to arrive on scene.Earlier this month, Commissioner O’Sullivan said that the Armed Support Unit (ASU) will increase by 20 officers to 75 in total by 22 June.She added that there is currently “a competition underway to increase the ASU right around the country to make sure there is a 24/7 response around the country” revealed how specialist armed Garda units were directed to beef up security in several Irish cities in the wake of the attacks.The Commissioner said that the force has focussed “very strongly” on making sure they engage with minority communities since the Bataclan attack in Paris three years ago. She added that terrorism “is not about religion” and that “we should not link terrorism to any specific religion”.She also took the opportunity to ask anyone who has any specific concerns about neighbours, family members or associates who could have been radicalised to contact gardaí confidentially.She added: “We take our national security very seriously. We continuously review threat assessment and our response capabilities. Within an hour of the incident (London) happening, we were in touch with our intelligence and law enforcement counterparts to assess if there is any Irish link.”Responding to queries from, the Garda Press Office sent the following response, which said that the processes were ongoing. Further transfers of personnel are expected within the next few weeks. By Garreth MacNamee Gardaí have filled just a fraction of counter-terrorism roles they promised at the start of the year The Commissioner has claimed that enough resources are in place to deal with a terror attack.center_img Saturday 17 Jun 2017, 7:30 AM Jun 17th 2017, 7:30 AM Share60 Tweet Email Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Floods threaten Brisbanes Greek community

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Greek Orthodox Community of St George, Brisbane, is preparing an emergency evacuation plan following floods warnings in the region. Queensland Police have advised people who live or are currently near the Brisbane River at West End to move to higher ground as heavy rainfall in the Toowoomba region, causing devastating flash floods, is making its way into the Brisbane River. An administrator of the Greek Orthodox Community of St George, Brisbane, Dora Laoudikos, told Neos Kosmos that they have not received any emergency calls from members of the Greek community in Queensland as yet. “We’ve been focused on evacuating our elderly clients who live down by the river, because the water has risen over the banks and we’re expecting a high tide in two hours,” Ms Laoudikos said. “The Wivenhoe dam is over 100 percent full so they’ve had to let the water out and it’s still pouring with rain,” she added. The Greek Community of St George’s elderly services, which cater for 450 elderly clients and include domestic assistance and respite care, have been disrupted by the floods, Ms Laoudikos said.  “The respite program has been cancelled, our Northside respite building is closed as it’s flooding and there’s water going in,” she said, adding “due to roads being closed we can’t run our usual service of picking up clients by bus”. “We haven’t been flooded at our main building yet but we’re cautious of being blocked out. We’re just concentrating on making sure all our community members, especially the elderly, are safe.” Some roads are closed and train lines have just stopped running, Ms Laoudikos said. “It’s terrible, we’re just listening to the radio hour by hour for updates and trying to be prepared”. People seeking information on friends and relatives caught up in the flooding disaster can call the telephone hotline: 1300 993 191last_img read more

The Flash Season 5 Episode 8 Recap Barry Got Back

first_img Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019’The Flash’ Season 5 Finale Recap: 2 Big Bads and 1 Pre-Crisis Stay on target Holy crap, The Flash reached its 100th episode.That’s quite an accomplishment, and I’m glad it happened during such a fun season. The show celebrated it in the best possible way too. The team now knows the identity of Cicada, Orlin Dwyer, and why he’s hunting down metas. Now, there’s just the question of what they do next. Barry’s solution: Let’s go get him. Great plan dude, let me know how that works out for you. Sherloque points out that as long as Cicada has his power-dampening dagger, “go getting him” isn’t going to work. Maybe he really is as smart as he claims to be. Fortunately, Barry is in a room full of people much smarter than him. Including his daughter. Nora suggests creating a dampening device using objects Barry already encountered in the past. Her plan: Go back in time, steal those objects after they stop being relevant, and hide it near the hospital for five years. Make sure Cicada never has a chance to get the upper hand. Yay! It’s a time travel episode!We’re not going to get there without a trip to the can-I-talk-to-you hallway. Nora wants to travel back in time too, and Barry won’t let her because it’s too dangerous. We’re getting dangerously close to repeating the same lessons week after week. It’s one of the weakest points of this show. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long. Iris, now finally on good terms with her daughter, talks Barry into letting her come along. Of course it will be dangerous, that’s why two speedsters are better than one. Duh, Barry. They go back in time to Season 3, but there’s one danger Barry didn’t anticipate. A time wraith is on their trail, probably because all the messing with time they’re about to do is exacerbated by the presence of Barry’s adult daughter from the future. Not even Ralph Dibny’s hilarious Back to the Future reference will appease him.Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Hartley Sawyer as Dibney (Photo Credit: Jeff Weddell/The CW)Barry distracts the wraith while Nora collects a piece of Savitar’s suit… While learning some uncomfortable facts about her parents in the process. I hope she knows a good therapist in the future. The next stop is Season Two, when Barry lost his speed and Zoom kidnapped Caitlin. It’s fun revisiting all these big moments from the show and seeing them from different angles. And the scene where our Barry meets past Harry Wells nails the uneasy precariousness of the situation. I was actually nervous the entire time Barry was talking to him. Knowing that at any moment, he could screw everything up. He gets through the awkward interaction, and gets what he’s looking for, but he and XS have a bigger problem. Zoom shows up and chases both Barry and Nora through time. The time wraith takes care of him before too long, but the device breaks in the chase. To make matters worse, there’s only one person they can go to to fix it: Eobard Thawne.The Flash is really going all out for its 100th episode. It really feels like a true celebration of everything the show has done in the last four and a half seasons. It’s not just congratulating itself, either. It’s showing us interesting new angles on the biggest moments of the series so far. Even going so far as to change them slightly, because that’s just what The Flash does. We get a cool little scene where Thawne, before the particle accelerator explodes, senses the presence of two speedsters in the building. He almost delays turning the accelerator on, but appears to accept his fate. Tom Cavanagh directed this episode, which is fitting since he directed some of the best episodes of the entire series. He gave himself plenty to do here too, playing three different versions of the character. I’d call it showing off, but it’s just so much fun to watch.Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West (Photo Credit: Jeff Weddell/The CW)Barry and Nora get everything they’re looking for, and return to the present with the power dampener. As Cisco promised Dibny, it’s like no time has passed at all. Huey Lewis and the News’ “Back in Time” is still playing when they get back. All that’s left is the (definitely not) final confrontation with Cicada. The plan seems to work perfectly at first. The hidden dampener does its job and neutralizes the dagger long enough for Cisco to vibe it into outer space. But instead of arresting Cicada, they stand around taunting him. Yeah, it wouldn’t be a midseason Flash episode without a truly boneheaded self-defeat. Cicada’s power isn’t only in his dagger, surprise surprise, and he’s able to pull it down from outer space at full power. I’ll forgive the absolute boneheadedness, because it leads to the episodes coolest moment.Cicada debilitates Flash, Vibe, XS and Elongated Man, and is about to kill The Flash. That’s when Killer Frost steps out of the van and delivers a powerful ice blast. The show has gotten into the habit of making us wait for a climactic Killer Frost appearance, and you know what? So far, it still works. Killer Frost is just that cool, and it’s about time we got to watch her be the hero. Even Cicada doesn’t want to mess with her. One blast of ice and he peaces out shockingly quick. Hey, we can’t have a real fight with the big bad yet. We still have more than half a season to get through.Chris Klein as Cicada (Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW)The mystery surrounding Nora also moves forward in an interesting way. Sherloque finds the strange time writing Barry was scribbling after he came out of the Speed Force in Season 3 in Nora’s journal. She claims to have made it up. Sherloque seemingly accepts her explanation, but he’s clearly still suspicious. He has reason to be. The show has been real cagey as far as what Nora’s actually doing here. Is she really just trying to get to know her dad? Apparently not. She spent much of the episode both oddly curious about and ignorant of Eobard Thawne. That appears to be an act. She’s been using Gideon to send him messages in the time language, and right at the end, she goes to visit him. What’s goin on here? We’ll be waiting a little while to find out.We still have one episode to go before the show takes its winter break, but this certainly feels like the midseason finale. We’re at a natural stopping point in the story, and the biggest mystery of the season just answered one question while bringing up a whole lot more. Next week’s episode likely isn’t going to address it too much, either. We’re closing out the fall season with the Elseworlds crossover event, where some complicated-looking events on an alternate Earth cause this one to become all mixed up. This was a fun season finale with a few good fight scenes and a wonderful reminder of everything the show’s done. It left us begging to see where the story goes next. Even so, I’m even more excited to see this crossover, which will bring in Batwoman, Superman and everyone’s favorite Flash: Oliver Queen.The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CWPreviously on The Flash:The Flash Season 5 Episode 7 RecapThe Flash Season 5 Episode 6 RecapThe Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Recaplast_img read more

Bishop says peace prosperity is everybodys responsibility at Law Enforcers Church Service

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Beaches puts former Premier on blast about controversial pier Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 15 Feb 2016 – The entire country was challenged to take responsibility for the peace and prosperity of the Turks and Caicos when Police and other Law Enforcers gathered for their annual church service at Abundant Life Ministries International. Two church services were held to officially start the year in prayer for the various forces including Police, Immigration, Customs, Environmental Health, Fire Department, Airports Authority Security, Prison Service and Road Traffic in both Grand Turk and Providenciales. The key message came from Bishop C. Alexander Williams who called on hearers to be honest and pay their taxes and dues to country… called on expat officers and residents to love this country where they are blessed to live their lives… called on the Police to restore true community policing and to exercise greater compassion… called on government to more highly consider the Belonger worker and to promote and pay them well… there was a challenge to introduce new, tougher laws and to make greater efforts to assimilate cultures and all were called to remember that there was a time in the TCI, when God was not left out. The service featured worship performances by the Abundant Life praise team, brass band music by the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Band and remarks from Deputy Police Commissioner, Rodney Adams; Opposition Leader, Sharlene Robinson and Premier, Rufus Ewing. The theme for the service was Serving God and Country. Related Items:aundant life ministries, bishop alexander C. Williams, church service, law enforcers, premier rufus ewing, rodney adams, Royal Turks and Caicos Police Band, sharlene robinson Jitney row on social media elicits warning from PDM Leader Row over Grand Turk infrastructure reaches fever pitch in Parliamentlast_img read more

Soy Growers Welcome Administrations Second Look at TPP

first_imgThe Asia-Pacific Market Working Group of the U.S. Food and Agriculture Dialogue for Trade sent a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer and members of Congress welcoming President Donald Trump’s consideration of rejoining the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).The U.S. Food and Agriculture Dialogue for Trade is comprised of over 100 organizations representing America’s agriculture industry, including the American Soybean Association (ASA).ASA expressed significant concern last January, following an executive order from Trump that withdrew the U.S. from the 12-nation TPP. Soybeans are the nation’s largest agricultural export, and markets in Southeast Asia and Latin America continue to grow in their potential as buyers of U.S. soy. The biggest beneficiary from TPP, however, was the American livestock industry–in the form of increased meat and dairy exports–which represents the largest domestic market for soybean meal.“We understand that the eleven other TPP signatories will sign the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in March and begin implementing it in the ensuing months,”  the Asia-Pacific Market Working Group states in the letter. “Once this happens, our sector will be placed at a substantial disadvantage as other countries gain entry into these markets at substantially lower tariffs and preferential terms. Given the downturn in U.S. farm prices and profitability that is already hurting rural America, the timing could not be worse. American food and agricultural producers and companies are facing significant barriers in these markets that could be addressed with the improved rules and higher standards through reengagement with the TPP countries.”The group offered to share specific ideas and support the Administration’s efforts for reengaging with TPP countries.Click here to read the letter.last_img read more

City and Regional Publisher SagaCity Media Acquires Sarasota Magazine

first_img Vogel declined to offer specifics on deal terms, but says, “We all think it was a fair price for a highly profitable asset and we intend to ratchet up our return on investment by launching significant digital assets by January 2016.” The 12-year-old SagaCity first launched Portland Monthly in 2003 and has since bought or launched its way across the country. The company also has titles in Seattle, Houston, Aspen, Vail and Park City.  Gulfshore group publisher Kelley Lavin, editorial director Pam Daniel and creative director Gigi Ortwein will remain on board after the deal. Vogel says that the rest of the employees will also stay and more positions will be added to the digital team. “We are also giving raises to about one-third of the staff to bring them to our Sagacity levels,” she adds. In 2012, Denton then sold his Gulfshore titles, including Gulfshore Life, Gulfshore Business and annual titles Gulfshore Life at Home and Forever Young, to Hadley Capital-backed Open Sky Media.  Denton then purchased Venice Magazine in mid-2014. Gulfshore Media has been through a couple of acquisitions in the last 11 years. Company founder Dan Denton sold the titles to CurtCo in 2004 and then bought them back six years later.  Terms of the deal were not released, but SagaCity will focus on expanding the digital platform for the Sarasota brands. Investments in responsive design, database technology, mobile and social media that the company has already made with its existing brands will be carried over to the Sarastota portfolio, Nicole Vogel, SagaCity’s president, tells Folio:.  SagaCity Media, a city and regional publisher based in Portland, Oregon, is set to announce today that it’s acquired the Sarasota magazine brands from Gulfshore Media. Included in the deal are the flagship Sarasota Magazine, Biz (941), SEE Sarasota, Sarasota Health and Venice Magazine.  The Sarasota deal marks the company’s second sizeable acquisition to date and brings the total title count to 82, says Vogel, which includes a significant number of custom publications.last_img read more

Anchorage School District faces another budget gap

first_imgAs the legislature tries to develop a viable solution to Alaska’s budget woes, school districts are exploring options to deal with flat state funding anticipated during the next fiscal year.Though the level of funding is likely to be similar to the previous year, rising annual costs mean the Anchorage School District is facing a possible shortfall of about $15 million.Listen nowASD Superintendent Deena Paramo said it will be difficult to balance the budget without affecting employees.“I don’t look to have any type of layoffs; we’re really looking at our attrition and being able to reorganize and those folks that want to work for ASD, we would want to keep them working for our organization, but we might be having different jobs for folks,” Paramo said.Among the drivers for finding efficiencies within the district is the establishment of a Pupil to Teacher Ratio — which is the number of staff members, not limited to teachers, assigned per student.“Whether that’s principals, counselors, safety officers, we did do that for nurses, but we’re looking at all those additional functions in a school, whether it’s reading specialists, career tech,” Paramo said. “And we didn’t have our ratios articulated necessarily for those other subjects and other supports.”ASD is also planning on presenting a $58.5 million bond package to Anchorage voters in April.Paramo said the package includes money to replace out-of-date heating and ventilation systems and to make structural and seismic improvements to some buildings.“And then finally eight roofs, so only the roofs that actually have water coming in and through the ceilings where we have buckets are the schools targeted, there are eight of them,” Paramo said. “It’s not to build into the future which I would love to do — create 21st century schools and learning and learning spaces — but it is simply taking care of our present infrastructure.”Paramo said the district and Anchorage School Board will engage in more detail-oriented budget discussions next month.Governor Bill Walker’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018, allocates more than $1.27 billion in unrestricted and designated general funds to education.Of that money, ASD would receive about $330 million — or a little more than a quarter of the the state’s education budget.last_img read more

CPI State conference from November 24 in Mancherial

first_imgMancherial: The Communist Party of India (CPI) will hold its State convention at Mancherial district headquarters from November 24 to 26, CPI district executive member Madugula Lakshman informed. Speaking at a press meet at the party office here on Thursday, he said the country’s political affairs will be discussed and an action plan will be chalked out. Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us CPI State secretary Chada Venkat Reddy and State secretariat members will be the chief guests at the invitation committee meeting and district secretaries, urban and mandal secretaries and leaders of party public sector organisations will attend the meeting. District executive members Mekala Das, AITUC district vice-president Mittapalli Paul, AYF district secretary Lingam Ravi, leaders and others were present at the press meet.last_img read more

India reckons revived reforms for failing economy

first_imgNew Delhi, Sep 20 (ANI): The tapering trends in Indian economy urgently demands deepening of economic reforms so as to stabilise the dwindling economy of the country. India___s Finance Secretary Arvind Mayaram stated this while interacting with the mediapersons in New Delhi. Earlier on Wednesday (September 18) the US Federal Reserve announced that it will continue with its monthly $85 billion bond buying programme and wait for more evidence of growth recovery. He also assured that the Indian government is working for the growth recovery and normalisation of the Indian currency.last_img read more

Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Karan Patel Yuvraj Singh Karishma Tanna and others

first_imgKhatron Ke Khiladi 10instagramPopular stunt-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi is gearing up for its tenth season. While makers have started approaching celebrity participants, the buzz is that Karan Patel is in talks for the show.A TellyChakkar report said that Karan, who plays the lead role in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, has admitted to being approached by Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 makers, however, nothing has been finalised as of now.Given that the long-running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is set to go off air, Karan’s fans will surely be excited to see him performing some daredevil stunts. Confirming the report, Karan said: “Yes, I am in talks for the show, but things are yet to get finalized.”Besides Karan, rumour has it that Yuvraj Singh, who retired from International cricket recently, is likely to participate as well. Karishma Tanna, who was last seen in Naagin 3 and Qayamat Ki Raat, may also be seen on the show. The actress had earlier participated in reality shows like Bigg Boss 8, Zara Nachke Dikha, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 9 and Nach Baliye 7.Kavita Kaushik of F.I.R fame has also been approached to be part of the adventure reality show. Choreographer Dharmesh Yelende and comedian Balraj Sayal are likely to be roped in for Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 as well.Bollywood director Rohit Shetty will reprise his role as the host of the new season of the stunt-based reality show. Currently, Rohit is busy shooting in Hyderabad for his film Sooryavanshi. This year, the show will be shot in Bulgaria and the new team is expected to fly to the location soon. Kavita Kaushikinstagramlast_img read more

Uganda landslide kills at least 34

first_imgDamaged housing is seen after a landslide in Bududa, Uganda, in this still image taken from video on 12 October 2018. Photo: ReutersAt least 34 people have been killed after a river in eastern Uganda burst its banks, sending thick sludge and rocks barrelling into homes, disaster officials said Friday.Rescue teams were picking through the rubble, looking for survivors and victims of the disaster which took place on Thursday in the town of Bukalasi in the Bududa district. An unknown number of people were still missing.“I can confirm 34 people are dead. We have to wait for our assessment to be completed before we can say how many are missing,” said Uganda Red Cross spokeswoman Irene Nakasiita.On Thursday she shared photos of the scene of what she described as a “massive landslide” on WhatsApp, including images of dismembered corpses caked in mud laid out by the river.Some of the bodies had been partly covered with banana leaves by members of the public.“The cause was the river bursting its banks upstream following heavy rain. When the water flowed down it brought a number of big stones with it that destroyed people’s houses,” said Nakasiita.“Our search and rescue team is still on the ground evacuating people and removing them from the rubble.”She said the Red Cross was sending relief supplies to the area, such as tarpaulins, blankets and water purification tablets.Nathan Tumuhamye, director of an organisation that helps communities recover from natural disasters and conflict, told AFP that “four to five villages”, and possibly a primary school had been affected.“I have received the sad news of landslides wreaking havoc in Bududa District, killing a yet-to-(be)specified number of residents. The government has dispatched rescue teams to the affected areas,” President Yoweri Museveni wrote on Twitter.“The government will look at the other options available to stop further occurrences of these disasters.”Bududa district in the foothills of Mount Elgon, which lies on the border between Uganda and Kenya, is a high risk area for landslides.At least 100 people were reported killed in a landslide in Bududa in March 2010, and in 2012 landslides destroyed three villages.Government efforts to move vulnerable people to neighbouring districts have faced resistance from residents.According to Tumuhamye some early warning systems for floods and landslides have been established in the area but without the capacity to respond to the warnings the systems have not helped residents escape disasters.last_img read more

Former US president George HW Bush dies

first_imgFormer US President George HW Bush and his wife, former first lady Barbara Bush, stand during the national anthem prior to the University of Connecticut versus Butler University men`s final NCAA Final Four college basketball championship game in Houston, Texas, on 4 April 2011. Reuters File PhotoFormer US president George HW Bush, who presided over the end of the Cold War and routed Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army but lost a chance for a second term after breaking a no-new-taxes pledge, died on Friday at the age of 94, a family spokesman said.Bush, the 41st president of the United States, lived longer than any of his predecessors. His death at 10:10pm Central time was announced in a statement issued by longtime spokesman Jim McGrath. No further details about the circumstances of his death were immediately available.US president George HW Bush is surrounded by US military personnel as he greets troops following an arrival ceremony in the eastern Saudi Arabian city of Dhahran on 22 November 1990. Reuters File PhotoHe was the father of former president George W Bush, who served two terms in the White House from 2001 through 2008, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who unsuccessfully sought the 2016 Republican nomination for president.The elder Bush, a Republican like his sons, also served as vice president for eight years during Ronald Reagan’s two terms as president, before being elected to the White House himself.He defeated former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, the Democratic nominee, in the 1988 presidential campaign, and lost his 1992 re-election bid to Democrat Bill Clinton.Bush family portrait in Houston, Texas 19 August 1992. Back row: Walker Bush (Marvin`s son), Marvin Bush, Margaret Bush ( Marvin`s wife), George W Bush, Sharon Bush (Neil`s wife), Neil Bush, Doro Bush Koch, Bobby Koch (Doro`s Husband), Jeb Bush, George P. Bush (Jeb`s son), and Noelle Bush (Jeb`s daughter). Second Row: Laura Bush (George W.`s wife), Jenna Bush (George W.`s daughter), Pierce Bush (Neil`s son), Barbara Bush, Goerge Bush, Sam Le BLond (Donro`s son), and Columba Bush (Jeb`s wife). Floor: Barbara Bush (George W.`s daughter), Marshall Bush (Marvin`s daughter), Ashley and Lauren Bush (Neil`s daughters), Ellie LeBlond (Doro`s daughter), and Jebby Bush( Jeb`s son). Reuters File PhotoBush’s death came seven months after that of his wife, former first lady Barbara Bush, to whom he was married for 73 years.The former president, who served as a US naval aviator during World War Two, had attended his wife’s funeral in Houston in a wheelchair and wore a pair of colourful socks festooned with books, in honour of his late wife’s commitment to literacy.last_img

No order from state govt to suspend The Accidental PM says Indranil

first_imgKolkata: The state government has not given any order to suspend screening of the film The Accidental Prime Minister, Indranil Sen, minister of state for Information and Cultural Affairs, said on Friday.The matter came to front after the authorities of Hind Inox suspended the first show of the film, following a protest by Youth Congress supporters in front of the cinema hall. However, the second show was screened on time. Youth Congress supporters led by Suman Pal staged a demonstration outside the movie theatre on Friday afternoon. They raised slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and burnt his effigy. The screening of the first show was in progress when the incident took place. The authorities of Hind Inox suspended the show for the safety and security of the employees. Also Read – 3 injured, flight, train services hit as rains lash BengalThe protest by Youth Congress supporters has revealed infighting in the camps of Somen Mitra, PCCI chief and Adhir Chowdhury, the former PCCI head. Pal, who led the protest, is believed to be a close aide of Adhir Chowdhury. Rohan Mitra, vice-president of Youth Congress, said no step was taken by Congress to suspend screening of the film. Congress has always believed in freedom of speech and so there is no question of suspension of screening of the film.last_img read more

AAI holds cultural evening to celebrate 24th Annual Day

first_imgAirports Authority of India (AAI), the mainstay of Civil Aviation in the country, celebrated its 24th Annual Day on April 1, at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi with full grandeur. The celebration kick-started with Ganesh Vandana by Zenith Dance Group followed by many other wonderful performances. After this, the stage was opened for musical extravaganza by Salim Sulaiman Merchant and band. Popular music composer duo performed their famous compositions which regaled the audience present. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfOn the eve of 24th Annual Day, various awards were given away to AAI Airports and teams by Dr Guruprasad Mohapatra, Chairman, AAI. Four AAI airports – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad; Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar; Chandigarh International Airport and Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar International Airport, Indore Airport were awarded Airport Service Quality Awards 2018. Customer Satisfaction Index awards were also presented to Swami Vivekananda International Airport, Raipur (First rank); Udaipur Airport (Second rank) and Trichy International Airport (Third rank). Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveApart from this, various other awards like Chairman Excellence Award and Sports Award were also presented on the occasion. The Engineering team was awarded for development of Civil Enclave at Prayagraj Airport in the record time of eleven months. GM(ATM) in-charge, Mumbai ATC and Team were also appreciated and awarded for carrying out excellent work during the recent crisis period. Swachh Bharat Awards were conferred to top two Airports each in three categories. Kolkata and Chennai in the first category; Chandigarh and Mangalore airport in the second; Vadodara and Mangalore in the third category. Recruitment Cell Team was awarded for carrying out excellent work during recruitment.last_img read more

Cancer Targeted Technology Receives 23 Million Small Business FastTrack Contract to Develop

first_img Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications Related Content News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  Cancer Targeted Technology (CTT), a privately-held Seattle-based biotechnology firm focusing on cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, announced that the National Cancer Institute awarded a 27-month, $2.3M contract to CTT to develop a new agent that will help treat metastatic prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and second leading cause of cancer death in men. The cancer is radiosensitive but no radiotherapy to date specifically targets this cancer. CTT is developing molecules that bind Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) for the specific delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents. PSMA is an excellent biomarker as its expression is minimal to negative on normal tissues, but is over-expressed on prostate cancer and expression increases as the cancer metastasizes and becomes castrate-resistant. CTT’s unique phosphoramidate-based agents, discovered by Cliff Berkman, M.d., professor of chemistry, Washington State University, bind irreversibly to PSMA. Unlike other agents targeting PSMA, this distinctive mode of binding enhances uptake and internalization by tumor cells, leading to increased accumulation of the therapeutic payload within the tumor and improved efficacy, with minimal side effects to healthy tissues.CTT is excited to work with Carolyn Anderson, M.D., professor of radiology and head of the Molecular Imaging Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh, on this contract. Anderson’s group, working in state-of-the-art facilities, will radiolabel and evaluate CTT’s agents in preclinical prostate tumor models and will monitor the efficacy in conjunction with CTT’s diagnostic imaging agent.This contract optimizes the lead agent, CTT1401, to specifically deliver a therapeutic dose of the radionuclide, 177Lu, to prostate tumors and will advance this compound to an Investigational New Drug application that would support a clinical trial in metastatic prostate cancer. The radiotherapeutic agent will be used in conjunction with CTT’s companion diagnostic Positron Emission Tomography imaging agent, CTT1057 (set to commence clinical trials in prostate cancer patients in early 2016).“Although new treatments have emerged for metastatic prostate cancer, overall survival rates remain poor. A specific means of treating this disease that minimizes side effects and results in a meaningful increase in quality of life and life expectancy is needed, and we believe CTT’s new radiotherapy agent will accomplish this goal,” stated Beatrice Langton-Webster, M.d., CTT’s chief executive officer and principal investigator on the contract.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more News | Prostate Cancer | December 18, 2015 Cancer Targeted Technology Receives $2.3 Million Small Business Fast-Track Contract to Develop an Innovative PSMA-Targeted Radionuclide Therapy for Prostate Cancer News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Proton Therapy | August 06, 2019 IBA Signs Contract to Install Proton Therapy Center in Kansas IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) recently signed a contract and received the first payment for a Proteus One solution… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Radiation Therapy | August 02, 2019 Varian Showcases Cancer Care Systems and Software at AAPM 2019 Varian showcased systems and software from its cancer care portfolio, including the Identify Guidance System, at the… read morelast_img read more

Velocify Releases Playbook of Top Sales Strategies

first_img “”Velocify””:, a provider of cloud-based intelligent sales automation software headquartered in California, announced it has published a free e-book designed to help mortgage originators increase sales.[IMAGE]Presented in the format of a football coach’s playbook, “”The Mortgage Purchase Playbook”” features strategies from experts like “”MBS Highway’s””: Barry Habib, Mortgage Champions’ Dale Vermillion, and the “”STRATMOR Group’s””: Garth Graham, among others. Key topics include motivating buyers to commit to the lending process, using technology to improve sales speed, and recruiting referral partners to boost leads.According to Kelly Booth, mortgage market director for Velocify, the idea for the e-book stemmed from ideas expressed at the company’s “”Virtual Mortgage Sales Summit””:, a day-long event in October in which originators from all over the United States shared their thoughts on converting leads into closed loans.””With the origination market undergoing a tremendous shift, lenders using last year’s sales techniques to win business will struggle,”” Booth said. “”However, at our Virtual Mortgage Sales Summit, we were treated to many innovative sales ideas that were too good not to share. This playbook gives all lenders some options to ‘score’ new business and increase their performance.””Booth added that the playbook is designed to serve as a companion to Velocify’s new Engage for Mortgage Purchase solution, an automated guided selling program created to help industry professionals build better relationships with borrowers and real estate partners.””Basically, our Mortgage Purchase Playbook provides originators the strategies they need while Engage for Mortgage Purchase gives them the means to execute them,”” Booth explained.””The Mortgage Purchase Playbook: 7 Winning Plays from Mortgage Industry Experts”” is available at no cost on Velocify’s “”website””: Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers 2013-11-20 Tory Barringer in Origination Velocify Releases Playbook of Top Sales Strategiescenter_img November 20, 2013 454 Views Sharelast_img read more