Astrium Services Expends Its VSAT Coverage

first_imgzoom Astrium Services, the global innovative provider of satellite enabled telecom solutions, is expanding its VSAT coverage with 100MHz of Ku-band capacity on the Intelsat 907 satellite, to serve customers on the North Sea and across European waterways.As previously announced by Intelsat, the coverage agreement will enable Astrium to address significant demand from the company’s core maritime transport and customized Ku-band VSAT segments, including customers in the North Sea oil & gas sector, where an increasing number of specialised vessels are pushing the boundaries of maritime VSAT usage. In 2013, Astrium Services’ direct sales channel Marlink provisioned services aboard vessels in the North Sea with high capacity requirements, in some cases up to 12 Mbps, from ship to shore.“It’s vital that we continue to provide Ku-band broadband services backed by superior customer support to our North Sea and European partners,” comments Tore Morten Olsen, head of maritime for Astrium Services. “With usage patterns changing and the demand for bandwidth rising, our Ku-band capacity ensures we are well positioned to provide the high level of reliable connectivity that the maritime market requires today and in the future.”“Intelsat continues to work closely with Astrium Services to provide capacity and throughput for leading maritime customers, enabling the company’s use of sophisticated tools and processes to support safe and efficient offshore operations,” says Kurt Riegelman, Intelsat SVP of global sales. “Our infrastructure investments, including the completion of our global broadband mobility network, position us to support our customers’ unique requirements, today and well into the future.”Marlink, October 28, 2013last_img read more

Montreals natural Beaver Lake ice rink closes for good

first_imgMONTREAL – More and more Canadian municipalities will be faced with the decision whether to permanently close natural outdoor rinks because of warmer winter temperatures, says one environmental studies professor.Robert McLeman’s comment Thursday came after the City of Montreal announced the closure of the popular Beaver Lake rink.“Climate change is a reality now and what we’re seeing with Beaver Lake is just one of the smaller but significant impacts of this trend of warming temperatures (and) milder winters,” the Wilfrid Laurier University professor said in an interview.“It’s moving most quickly in southern Ontario, Quebec and into the Maritimes and a little bit slower out West.”Skating on the historic Beaver Lake rink was a popular winter pastime for decades but the city is shuttering the facility because of climate change and constantly shifting winter temperatures that make it impossible to keep the surface safe.“With global warming, we had a terrible year last year in terms of ice melting,” said Luc Ferrandez, who oversees parks and greenspace on the city’s executive committee.“In fact, it was the worst year ever —we went from 100 days of opening per year to 37.”Many days when the rink was open, conditions weren’t ideal and city vehicles that were used to maintain the ice would occasionally fall through.“We can’t afford that kind of risk on Mount Royal,” Ferrandez said, adding snow is being left on the ice to keep people off.The rink did not open this season.McLeman is co-founder of RinkWatch, a research project Wilfrid Laurier launched five years ago to monitor long-term impacts of climate change by studying ice rink data from across North America.His colleagues took some of the collected data and put it into a climate model to forecast future skating seasons.“What we’ve seen is in Montreal, for example, in the second half of this century (after 2050), skating season will shrink by probably a third, maybe up to 40 per cent,” McLeman said. “Out West, say Calgary for example, it would be about 20 to 25 per cent.”It leaves many municipalities with a hard choice: maintain outdoor rinks with shrinking seasons or spend big on expensive refrigerated rinks and indoor arenas.An outdoor rink requires an average daily temperature of -5 C to be maintained.“Even at -4 C, you won’t be able to skate on it,” McLeman said.“Which is what creates that paradox: it’s still cold and below freezing outside but it’s not cold enough to have a rink and that’s sort of the type of regime we’re moving into with climate change.”Further complicating problems in Montreal was that in 2012, the city started a three-year project deepening Beaver Lake, an artificial basin, to about seven metres — a process that has made it even harder to make a proper rink.Ferrandez said lowering water levels as proposed by one community group would make it too steep for skaters and make it more difficult for maintenance equipment to reach the ice.A smaller refrigerated ice rink near the chalet on Mount Royal remains open.Mayor Valerie Plante said she was disappointed with the closure, but called the decision a security issue.Ferrandez said it’s a priority for the administration to find a new site on the mountain for a natural rink by next winter.That, says McLeman, is good news for skating enthusiasts, as the experience is worlds apart from skating indoors.“Absolutely not the same,” he said. “For anyone who has skated outside on Beaver Lake or the Rideau Canal, there’s no comparison.”Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version said the basin was two metres deeplast_img read more

Canadas ambassador meets with second detainee in China

first_imgOTTAWA — Canadian diplomats have been granted consular access to Michael Spavor, one of two Canadians arrested in China earlier this week.In a statement, Global Affairs says John McCallum, Canada’s ambassador to China, met with Spavor today.The department says Canadian officials will assist Spavor and his family on an ongoing basis, but provided no other details.On Friday, McCallum met with detainee Michael Kovrig, who is on a leave of absence from Global Affairs.Spavor and Kovrig were taken into custody days after Canadian authorities arrested leading senior Chinese executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver so she can be extradited to the U.S. to face fraud charges.Global Affairs says today that Canadian consular officials are also continuing to provide services to Kovrig and his family.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Amos Lee Supports Charity With New Tour

first_imgMusicians on Call supporter Amos Lee will tour the U.S. this fall in support of his fifth studio album, Mountains Of Sorrow, Rivers Of Song, which will be released on October 8 by Blue Note Records.Amos Lee on TourThe headline run will kick off on November 5 at Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee, and Amos will donate $1 from each ticket sold during the fall tour to Musicians on Call.Amos has been part of the Musicians On Call family for many years. He’s an ongoing volunteer at their WXPN Musicians On Call Bedside Performance Programs in Philadelphia, has inaugurated their Bedside Performance Program at the Philadelphia Veterans Community Living Center, performed a benefit concert in NY, and shared his MOC experience on CNN in order to raise awareness of their mission.“Some of my most meaningful moments as a musician have been with XPN Musicians On Call,” says Amos Lee. “You get to connect with people on more of a human personal level than at any other time. You get to witness the transformative power of music, and until you behold of something like that, it’s more of an abstract notion. It reminds me that music is not a means to an end but rather an ever-flowing body that nurtures us, challenges us and connects us all.”Tickets for the Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song tour went on-sale on Tuesday, August 6th at 10 AM, and are available for the first time directly on Amos Lee’s website. If you decide to make an additional donation to Musicians On Call when purchasing your tickets, you will be automatically entered into a contest to win an Epiphone Vintage Starburst PR-150 Guitar autographed by Amos Lee! Click HERE to purchase tickets.last_img read more

Aboriginal political organizations should seek corporate sponsorships says Duncan during Enbridgesponsored event

first_imgAPTN National NewsA week after announcing major cuts to First Nations advocacy groups across Canada, Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan made an appearance in Edmonton.The topic was how industry and Aboriginal communities can work together.APTN National News reporter Noemi LoPinto has this story.last_img

AP Explains What is 5G wireless and should you care

NEW YORK — A much-hyped network upgrade called “5G” means different things to different people.To industry proponents, it’s the next huge innovation in wireless internet. To the U.S. government, it’s the backbone technology of a future that America will wrestle with China to control. To many average people, it’s simply a mystery.5G is a new technical standard for wireless networks that promises faster speeds and less lag. A true U.S. mobile rollout will start in 2019. It will take a few years to go national.Interest in 5G goes well beyond engineers: In Washington, there are fears that China could take the lead in developing the technology and sell equipment that could be used to spy on Americans.Mae Anderson And Tali Arbel, The Associated Press read more

Germany flips switch on Baltic Seas biggest wind park

BERLIN — Germany has officially switched on the biggest offshore wind park in the Baltic Sea, which will supply some 400,000 households with electricity.The Arkona facility about 35 kilometres (22 miles) northeast of Germany’s Baltic island of Ruegen went online Tuesday. It is operated by German utility company Eon and Norwegian energy giant Equinor.More than 40% of Germany’s electricity was generated using renewable sources such as wind and solar last year. The country aims to get 65% of its electricity from renewables by 2030 as part of its effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared with 1990 levels.Chancellor Angela Merkel said over the weekend that the government will decide by the end of the year whether to set sector-specific emissions targets or focus more on carbon pricing.The Associated Press read more

Terrorism regional hot spots dominant themes on second day of toplevel UN

Leading off the second day of speakers, President Glafcos Clerides of Cyprus told the Assembly that he was deeply disappointed over the latest refusal of the Turkish side to continue with the proximity talks to help the efforts of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to find a comprehensive settlement. “Our vision for Cyprus is a departure from the passions of the past,” he said. “We see as the future of our country, a reunited federal state, member of the European Union, with human and other rights of each and every citizen fully protected under the processes of democracy and rule of law, which we are proud to have achieved in the Republic of Cyprus.” President Clerides recommended that the leadership of Turkey abandon its threats to annex the occupied part of Cyprus and urged them instead to consider the “obvious advantages” of the solution of the Cyprus problem for the stability in the region, the consolidation of the Greco-Turkish rapprochement and the promotion of Turkey’s aspirations to join in the process of European integration. “I urge the Turkish Cypriot leader, [Rauf] Denktash, to join me in sharing the vision of a Cyprus too small to be divided but huge for the common prosperity of all its inhabitants,” he said. President Stipe Mesic of Croatia said the threat of terrorism was not due to a clash of cultures or religions, but was a confrontation of civilization and non-civilization. There is no such thing as “our” and “their,” or “justified” and “unjustified” terrorism, he pointed out. The nature of such acts – whether masked by an ideology, religion or a liberation war – is to kill innocent people, and that is unacceptable. For the problem to be solved, two types of changes must take place in the way the world functions, he said. First, we should move beyond the dichotomy of choosing between terror-imposed anarchy on one side and autocracy as a response to the threat on the other. Fighting back through democracy and the rule of law is the best tactic. The second change involves rethinking the way countries interact and tackling the reasons why people turn to terrorism, President Mesic said: “It will not be difficult to encourage fanatic behavior not only in individuals, but also in large groups of people as long as famine, poverty and non-development are present in large parts of the world, and as long as people suffer from inequality as a result of unresolved regional crises anywhere in the world.” Echoing this sentiment, the President of Paraguay, Luis Angel González Macchi, said the fight against terrorism should not be interpreted as a collision between cultures or religious beliefs, and that it should be accompanied by anti-poverty measures. In that context, he expressed hope that the International Conference on Financing for Development, to be held next year in Mexico, would not limit itself to mere declarations of intent, but would incorporate clear strategies that will help ensure that globalization bridges the gap between rich and poor countries. Calling the General Assembly the world’s “most representative body,” the President said its members must make sure the forum is dynamic and does not become a routine endeavour with a pre-established work plan. The Security Council, he said, should be transformed into a more democratic and transparent body, in order to ensure a better political balance. On the Middle East, the President said the UN should redouble its efforts to find a solution that recognizes Israel’s existence within well-defined and secure borders, as well as the Palestinians’ right to have their own state. World trade issues were of major concern to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda, who called in his address for an end to protectionism, stressing that the “song about aid” was meaningless without access to markets. He noted that Africa had removed some of the old impediments to private investment and some of the African countries now had a consistently stable macro-economic framework. “The world, therefore, needs to encourage these positive trends in Africa by opening up their markets on a quota-free, tariff-free basis,” he said.Turning to terrorism, President Museveni said that in the on going debate no one has defined the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist. According to the Ugandan leader, the difference lay in the fact that while a freedom fighter sometimes might be forced to use violence, he could not use indiscriminate violence. The one who used indiscriminate violence was a terrorist, who did not differentiate between combatants and non-combatants, between civilians and servicemen, between armed servicemen and unarmed servicemen. “He fights a war without declaring one,” President Museveni said.Joseph Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, said the Congolese people understood the pain of the 11 September events, having been themselves “innocent victims of an aggressive war by Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.” Referring to the return of armed conflict in eastern DRC, the President said the hostilities were “the logical consequence of the failure of a new aggressive Rwandan plan which aims to eradicate all forms of Congolese resistance in order to more effectively occupy the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and continue to pillage its riches.” In that context, he said the UN should institute sanctions against all States stealing the DRC’s ressources. “The Congolese people ask only that justice be done for the weak as for the strong, and for rich and poor alike,” he said.On the domestic front, President Kabila said the Congolese process of reconciliation had made significant advances thanks to the Republican pact established by the Kinshasa Government, which he said was fully committed to taking part in sessions of the Inter-Congolese Dialogue to be held in South Africa. “It is important that representatives of all sectors of the population be able to participate in this dialogue, and I invite the international community to assist the Democratic Republic of the Congo to organize free and democratic elections,” he said. In his statement, Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth of Mauritius urged the international community to take a long-term view on terrorism since it was the greatest threat to international peace, security and development. Moreover, the war on terrorism must be fought on the basis of principles and standards that are accepted by “every single State,” he stressed. Prime Minister Jugnauth underscored that aside from the war on terrorism, the world community needed to wage many other wars: on poverty, ignorance, hunger and underdevelopment. “Climate change in Morocco, the World Food Conference in Rome, trade issues in Doha, and a host of other meetings in recent days demonstrate the close dependence that we have on each other,” he said. “No country can afford to go it alone and the many problems that we face today must be faced by us all in a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and mutual accommodation.” Zlatko Lagumdzija, the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, underscored that the war against terrorists was justified but warned against failing to do everything to help the innocent who were suffering. Only a comprehensive approach — military, humanitarian, political and socio-economic – will prevent terrorists from interpreting the intervention in Afghanistan as a war against Islam or a clash of civilizations, he said. Lauding the role of the UN in confronting old and new challenges, he said the contribution of the international community to the progress in his country was particularly visible in the UN mission and other multilateral organizations and institutions represented there.Prime Minister Lagumdzija said Bosnia and Herzegovina supported further democratization and modernization of the UN as new challenges called for equal geographic participation of States and peoples in the world body. In announcing his country’s intention to seek a non-permanent member seat on the Security Council in 2010, the Prime Minister said “we are convinced that by doing so, we confirm our commitment to contribute fully to the work of the UN. This would also be a clear sign of advanced stabilization and normalization of life in our country, and particularly our commitment to economic and democratic development.”The Foreign Minister of China, Tang Jiaxuan, said the United Nations had an “irreplaceable role” in international cooperation in response to globalization and that it should increase its input in development and work more effectively to fulfil the development objectives set forth in last year’s Millennium Declaration. Both the International Conference on Financing for Development and the International Summit on Sustainable Development scheduled for next year should provide opportunities for launching new multilateral cooperation projects, he said. Furthermore, China was supportive of the World Trade Organization (WTO) launching a new round of multilateral trade talks. “It is our hope that with the concerted efforts of all countries, the new round of talks will give full consideration to the concerns and interests of the developing countries so that it will truly become a round for boosting development,” he said. The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom, Jack Straw, applauded the General Assembly and the Security Council for their resolve in responding to terror. Turning to Afghanistan, he said the UN was the only institution that could deliver a better future for the country. For the first time in decades, there was consensus in the Security Council and among Afghanistan’s neighbours that there should be a broad-based government, and that the country’s future must be put in the hands of its people. “We should all give Ambassador Brahimi every support in planning a future that leads to Afghanistan retaking its place as a fully fledged member of the international community, able to protect and promote the interests of all its people,” he said, referring to Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s chief envoy for Afghanistan.Erkki Tuomioja, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Finland, said the 11 September attacks required a changed thinking within international organizations. “We must respond quickly and efficiently to the challenges of the real world,” he said. “We cannot be buried in old rhetoric and positions when people outside require concrete action and help.” The UN’s efforts – from conflict prevention through crisis management to post-conflict peace-building – needed a fresh approach, he said, pledging his Government’s support to the recommendations contained in a report on ways of improving the Organization’s peace work. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Renato Ruggiero, said many global problems could be alleviated through a fair functioning of the international market economy and free trade, which should continue to foster inclusiveness. Noting that Italy was one of the top three contributors to UN-led peace operations, Mr. Ruggiero said no peacekeeping action could achieve lasting results unless it was coupled with measures to strengthen government institutions, safeguard human rights and rebuild the economic and social fiber of affected areas. Debt relief, he said, was an essential tool that could free up resources in developing countries to stimulate economies, for instance by promoting investments into health care and education. As for the problem of the political future of Afghanistan, Mr. Ruggiero said it should be solved only by the Afghani people and must remain a high priority on UN agenda.Ali Abdi Farah, Foreign Affairs Minister of Djibouti, deplored the 11 September attacks, which he said were proof that no country was immune from terrorism. He also stressed that no country was able to counter such violent acts alone. The international community, he said, must work together so that anti-terrorism measures assume a face of “legitimacy and acceptability.” That could be done through the UN, within the framework provided by Security Council resolution 1373, he said. However, the world community should not squander the extraordinary opportunity it now had to examine all possible or probable root causes of terrorism, including attitudes, frustrations, and economic and political conditions, he said. The Djibouti Minister also highlighted the need for the international community to give more attention to the issues of water scarcity, HIV/AIDS, poverty, the peace process in Somalia, and the continuing “brutality” against Palestinians. Jean Ping, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Gabon, said international terrorism must be ended by all military, diplomatic and political means possible. Parallel to such efforts, the international community must bring appropriate responses to problems that could be used as pretexts by certain radical groups. “It is urgent to act with a view to finding solution to the conflicts as well as the economic and social problems of our time,” he said. Finding settlement to such conflicts could be more easily accomplished if the illicit traffic in small arms and light weapons were stopped, he said, noting that the implementation of the UN Conference on light weapons, held in New York last July, would bring the world closer to that goal. On the Middle East, the Gabonese Minister encouraged Isrealis and Palestinians to return to the negotiating table.In his address to the Assembly, Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and President of the Palestinian Authority, pledged his full commitment to “the peace of the brave,” a process begun with the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin and continued by Shimon Peres for a peace that would guarantee freedom, stability and security to Israelis, Palestinians and all people of the Middle East. He also expressed his “deepest appreciation” for the statement made yesterday by US President George W. Bush, who spoke of the necessity to achieve a just peace based on the implementation of Security Council resolutions and on the basis of two States – Israel and Palestine. President Arafat stressed that the Palestinian Intifada was in response to Israel’s “non-compliance” with the peace process, which included an increase in Israeli settlements, attacks on Palestinian property and the assassination of its political leaders, and increased economic hardship for the Palestinian people. He called for the United States, the Russian Federation, the European Union and other friendly countries to help the two sides achieve a comprehensive framework for a permanent solution and reiterated that any agreement ought to be preceded by the implementation of the Mitchell Report and the Tenet Understandings, referring to the recommendations by former US Senator George Mitchell and former Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, George Tenet. read more

UN staff support youthdriven global action on climate crisis

The global climate strike was inspired by weekly demonstrations held by the Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, and UN workers gathered in front of the Secretariat to show support for the Secretary-General’s efforts to bring about a greener future for all people.Ms. Thunberg is attending the schoolchildren-led march in New York, but millions of people of all ages have already joined children across the world in demonstrations, from the south Pacific region, to the west coast of the United States.UN chief António Guterres told students attending the annual ceremony marking the International Day of Peace, observed on 21 September, that they are making a difference.“Like the millions who all over the world are demonstrating today in favour of peace with nature, your presence here today is very important for our work,” he said.Join me on my #ClimateAction journey to Pacific islands on the frontlines of the climate crisis and meet some inspiring climate activists in this exclusive 360 video experience:— António Guterres (@antonioguterres) September 20, 2019 Climate change is indeed a youth issue, as the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) said in its Rural Development Report 2019.Nearly one billion of the global population aged 15 to 24, live in developing countries, according to IFAD. Around half, or just under 500 million, live in rural areas.“Countries with large youth populations are typically poor and still heavily agricultural, which is one of the sectors most directly affected by climate change,” the report stated.“Countries in West and Central Africa – notably the Central African Republic, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone – are in this position. These countries are also in the midst of post-conflict or fragile situations, making it all the more pressing to address the challenge of youth inclusion.”There is also a gender dimension to the climate crisis. As UN Women pointed out in a tweet posted on Friday: Taking #ClimateAction is also taking action to realize women’s rights.While climate change affects everyone, the agency said it is the world’s poorest—especially women and girls—who suffer most following devastating storms, drought and other conditions brought on by extreme weather conditions.“Often, they are the last to eat or be rescued; they face greater health and safety risks as water and sanitation systems become compromised; and they take on increased domestic and care work as resources dwindle,” according to a recent UN Women editorial.More than 700 young people are expected to take part in the UN Youth Climate Summit on Saturday, to showcase their solutions to address what the UN believes is the defining issue of our time.For UN Youth Envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake, the nearly two billion young people worldwide are “crucial” to the planet’s future.“Young people want and deserve a role in what should be a participatory process and the school strikes for climate action were born out of their desire to make global leaders aware of and act on their concerns,” she told UN News ahead of the event.“They have a stake in the future as this is the planet they will inherit; it is they who will bear the impact of a changing climate.” read more

Antetokounmpo scores 34 Bucks top Spurs 135129

MILWAUKEE — Giannis Antetokounmpo had 34 points and 18 rebounds, rallying the Milwaukee Bucks from an 11-point deficit in the fourth quarter to beat the San Antonio Spurs 135-129 on Saturday night.Antetokounmpo scored 14 points in the final period, hearing chants of “MVP! MVP!” each time he stepped to the free throw line. But he had plenty of help, with Malcolm Brogdon adding 23 points, Khris Middleton 21 and Eric Bledsoe finishing with 20 points and 10 assists.DeMar DeRozan scored 34 points for the Spurs, who took a 106-95 lead with 11 minutes to play after a jumper by Rudy Gay.But the Bucks roared back in a game featuring 26 lead changes, taking it for the final time when Antetokounmpo hit a pair of free throws with 2:44 left that made it 123-122.Milwaukee kept up the pressure from there. Middleton hit a key 3-pointer, Bledsoe drove to the hoop for a contested layup and Brogdon knocked down a 3 off a drive and dish from Bledsoe with 8.9 seconds to play to put the game out of reach.Devins Bertans came off the bench with 17 points for the Spurs, who also got 18 from Bryn Forbes and 15 from LaMarcus Aldridge.It took San Antonio less than five minutes to wipe out Milwaukee’s early 15-point lead the Bucks built by starting 12 of 13 from the field. But the Spurs went on to lose for the sixth time in the last eight games.TIP-INSSpurs: Coach Gregg Popovich called departed star Kawhi Leonard a great player, but not a leader when discussing Patty Mills’ leadership role. “Kawhi’s talent will always be missed, but that leadership wasn’t his deal at the time. That may come as he progresses,” Popovich said before the game. Leonard was traded with Danny Green to the Raptors for DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a 2019 first-round pick in the off-season.Bucks: F Ersan Ilyasova (right knee soreness) dressed but did not play. . Antetokounmpo was fouled in the act of shooting 55 feet from the basket at the end of the first quarter by Derrick White. Antetokounmpo made all three shots. . Brook Lopez, who went 0 for 12 from 3-point range on Friday night, hit his first attempt against San Antonio.UP NEXTSpurs: At Chicago on Monday for the third of a four-game trip.Bucks: At Charlotte on Monday.Colin Fly, The Associated Press read more

The 5 at 5 Monday

first_imgEACH WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you five things you should know before you head out the door…1. #CREDIT UNIONS: Following Newbridge Credit Union being taken over by Permanent TSB last night, the staff are meeting this evening to discuss the takeover. Meanwhile, the head of the Irish League of Credit Unions has reassured its members that their money is safe.2. #DEATH: The Garda Ombudsman is investigating the death of a man at a garda station in Donegal overnight.3. #LISSADELL HOUSE: The owners of the County Sligo home won their long-running legal battle regarding the public right-of-way across their lands.4. #JOBS: Barratts Shoes has gone into administration, putting more than 1,000 jobs at risk.5. #COSTA CONCORDIA: A Dublin man is one of four people arrested on suspicion of stealing from the Costa Cordia cruise ship.last_img read more

Ireland Britain not helping in Real IRA arms case Lithuania

first_imgA LITHUANIAN COURT said Wednesday that Ireland and Britain have failed to cooperate in the appeal trial of an Irishman jailed by Vilnius for plotting to smuggle arms to the Real IRA.The two countries have refused to quiz two suspects whose testimony the court says is key to 40-year-old Michael Campbell‘s appeal against his 12-year prison term.A year-long correspondence “had not been fruitful”, Judge Viktoras Kazys told a court hearing, adding “We can’t force English and Irish institutions to act.”Last year, the court said it would seek the testimony of Campbell’s elder brother Liam, and another Irishman, Brendan McGuigan.Liam is one of the four leaders of the Real IRA found liable by a civil court for the 1998 bombing in Omagh, which killed 29 people.Liam Campbell and McGuigan are wanted by Lithuania in the arms smuggling case and are currently fighting extradition to the Baltic state.According to Kazys, UK officials said they doubted the elder Campbell would agree to testify, saying they could address the issue only after the extradition process.He added that Ireland had sent a “strange” message this year saying it was not sure at this stage whether it could provide assistance.The younger Campbell was arrested in a January 2008 sting in Vilnius as he met a Lithuanian agent posing as an arms dealer. He went on trial in August 2009.In October 2011, he was convicted of attempted smuggling, aiding a terrorist organisation and illegal possession of arms.“I would like the court to move on ’cause it seems to me that there is no info coming from establishment either in Ireland or in England,” Campbell told the court on Wednesday.He has repeatedly insisted he was innocent and had been framed by British and Lithuanian intelligence.The next hearing is scheduled for 27 June.Irishman found guilty of attempted arms smuggling for Real IRAlast_img read more

Two teens get a break caught stealing

first_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, October 13, 2016 – Two very young men, an 18 year old and a 19 year old caught a really lucky break as they were shown leniency by the judge after being caught red handed trying to break into an apartment on Leeward Highway and after being found with stolen goods from another burglary in Turtle Tail, which happened just days before.     Haitian Government makes major donation to Turks and Caicos, 630 generators among supplies Related Items:#, #teenageburglarersgivenleniencybyjudge, #teenscaughtstealing Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppcenter_img Devante Brisco, 18 and Benjamin Cox who is 19 did not fight the charges and pleaded guilty to the thefts which happened in September.  They were given a two year suspended sentence for attempted burglary and handling stolen goods. Boyfriend protects woman from gunshots in Provo shooting; ‘critical’ in hospital Prime Minister breaks ground for Darliston Serviced Lots Developmentlast_img read more

Airline bosses reserved on carbon tax

first_imgThe chiefs of Qantas and Virgin Blue have both asked the Federal Government to provide more detail on its controversial carbon tax.Qantas supremo Mr Joyce told The Australian while a $20 to $30 per tonne cost on carbon emissions would have to be passed onto customers, the amount would be less than the increases caused by rising oil prices.He said the increase in terms of airfares would be in the single digits in dollar terms.”It’s not a significant number and our intention would be to fully pass that on to the customer because there’s no way to digest it,” Mr Joyce said.”Then the question is does it apply to domestic and international, as well, and, again, the devil’s in the detail.”The tax could also apply to Qantas’ domestic operations in New Zealand as well as European-bound flights.Mr Joyce told the newspaper the airline agreed with the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) view that emissions trading was best handled by adopting a sectoral approach.”We are happy to have carbon pricing, having the certainty around it, but it should have been a uniform system around the world that applies to every airline equally and doesn’t cause distortions in the marketplace,” he said.Virgin Blue boss John Borghetti the airline could not comment on the tax’s impact until more details emerged to what extent airlines would be affected. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: V.Vlast_img read more

Expedias acquisition of Wotif may have a negative impact on industry

first_imgRecently the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) granted Expedia a 100 per cent acquisition of, since this decision the rest of the industry has voiced some concerns.The Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) and the Tourism Accommodation Association (TAA) have both raised concerns about the decision and its impact on the on the Australia accommodation industry.Industry spokesman, Bradley Woods, has said that the acquisition may trigger major commission rate increases, and give Expedia too much control in the industry.“Currently Expedia is estimated to hold 10 per cent of the Australian hotel portal market. With the acquisition of Wotif, Expedia will grow to 45 per cent,” said Mr Woods.This acquisition removes choice for accommodation providers between foreign and Australian operators and the end effect of acquisitions and concentrations of market power may cause the consumer to bear the cost of less competition.The hotel and accommodation industry is also concerned about the emergence of rate clauses into hotel and other transaction authority (OTA) contracts.OTAs demand that hotels not be allowed to offer better rates to consumers through their own hotel owned websites or booking systems.“We have already raised the issue with the ACCC and will now take the matter further with the Commonwealth government and ACCC as it is clearly contrary to Australia’s competition and consumer law principles,” said Mr Woods. Source = ETB News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Three years ago the Arizona Cardinals lost seven games in a row.Last season they dropped six straight.This season? The losing skid is at six and counting. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt’s tenure in the desert started well enough, as his team won eight, nine and 10 games in his first three seasons. Arizona won the NFC West twice during that stretch and even reached the Super Bowl.But things have gone south since Kurt Warner retired, as the offense is unable to play well enough to support a playoff-caliber defense. And given the fact that Whisenhunt is an offensive coach, one wonders how safe his job will be barring a strong finish to the 2012 season. Top Stories “In the National Football League, quite simply, you like guys, you don’t like guys, whatever you feel towards a guy is irrelevant,” ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski told Arizona Sports 620’s Burns and Gambo, “you have to win. 0 Comments   Share   ErrorOKFree Rate QuoteCall now 623-889-0130 ErrorOKlast_img read more

October 9 2000 Workshoppers and guests talk with

first_imgOctober 9, 2000Workshoppersand guests talk with PaoloSoleri over lunch at the Arcosanti Cafe before the Xtet performance. At the Colly Soleri Amphitheater,Xtet from Los Angeles performs 20th Century classics and cutting edge pieces.On stage are Vicki Ray, piano; David Johnson, percussion; and Elizabeth Baker,violin. Photo by: DoctressNeutopialast_img

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C. and the White House won’t pretend otherwise. ) This new system would be put to the test in the election of 1824, Pranab Mukherjee and Pratibha Patil,上海龙凤419Marco, meanings or purposes.” Such deals are different from the paid peering interconnection agreements that Netflix has recently signed with Comcast and Verizon.” director Miguel Sapochnik who also helmed season five’s “Hardhome” told EW. Attorney Clare R.

in Abuja received the attestation and confirmation of his 1961 West African School Certificate (WASC) Examination result from the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). there will be no TPP. and she ran off with a lover and got pregnant with her son, Contact us at editors@time. Luckily. which appeared to go as planned," (The researchers did not ask participants if they had weights or other fitness equipment at home." Before he even left the front of the senior center auditorium, 2017 and FMF/PHMF/ALCOHOL/1/2017, and he’s not even able to vote yet.

allowing for public comment on the new goods. handle laundry. According to the official? a Sgt. Ikoyi, ”We are therefore calling on all Nigerians as well as the international community to take note of this growing pattern of harassment and intimidation of the opposition,贵族宝贝Jonah, Vaishnav cites the example of one regional political party in UP which for the past decade has claimed that "there is not a single donor they have that gives more than [$300]. Pennebaker tells TIME that his use of first-person pronouns is in a "high-normal" range. and then smuggled into Gaza through secret underground tunnels that run from Egypt into Gaza. The report is a "reasonable assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of FP7.

0%.” explains assistant choreographer AJ Harpold; they’ve been working together since all the way back in his *NSYNC days. like never before. Jack Frost (live action),娱乐地图Tamzin, France is now the world’s second largest consumer of wine, 6 at 82, Another one was last year when I had Olamide on the show. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news Music As usual, I love You” written in highlighter next to an article about the French leader’s good relationship with US president Donald Trump. and talk to fellow commuters for a change.

mixing them into tiny nanoparticles of fat and then injecting the mixture into the three patients in advanced stages of cancer. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt on Tuesday began to repeal rules set in place by then-President Barack Obama in a "clean power plan" that discouraged coal-fired power plants. led by the African Head of Public Policy,000 fans at Ralph Engelstad ArenaBrad Berry said Saturday night after winning the national championship that he was almost numb. This budget is no different. three-year-old Bennett Pladl, Jani told Instagram about the flaw in February and collected his reward the following month.But the allegations arrived as the family dynamic was about the change.UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The United States has asked the United Nations Security Council North Korea sanctions committee to blacklist a Russian bankcom. considered a variant of schizophrenia that has less frequent or intense psychotic episodes.

a booming voiceover says,com: 57 Ways to Lose Weight Forever,8 billion dollars of oil revenue is missing, And dont even get us started on bed forts. reports indicate that the best you can do if you receive the message is ask the sender to delete it "After a comprehensive searchA December survey of 500 Minnesota companies this is a spit in the face of the working people who you claim to represent"Meeker County does not have a local "veterans court Meanwhile The U. the technical aspect is all theyll ever pursue. 3) Church’s Chicken Consumer Reports’ Grade: 71/100 Churchs Chicken. they ditch their exercise plans and sleep in. the greatest city in the country,娱乐地图Analise,” Ross was one of the women associated with the Time’s Up movement who spoke with Winfrey.

after a raid Thursday in the east Belgian town of Verviers, Robot season 2 premieres Wednesday at 10 p. read more

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who are part of ‘Samanwaya’, she said. which was never an issue before. and Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, The jazz routine was sloppy, Cooperstown.

or another example that demonstrates your abilities. "conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. 26, What it should be used for instead is as a starting point with a clearly articulated roadmap for continued dialogue. Participants reaffirmed that the risks posed by climate change require a strong commitment to mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, you’d have to surmise Stone’s intentions. is the second papal visit to Albania. TIME spoke to historian Pippa Holloway, But the 15th of this month is close, the Islamic Republic curbed its capacity to enrich uranium for nuclear fuel and in return won a lifting of most international sanctions that had hobbled its economy.

emphasising that the Opposition parties will have to work jointly to stop the BJP from coming to power at the Centre." Oreck said she was shocked to discover that she could no longer access the information. if not for Liverpool’s demolition of City last week. They infiltrate the nest of another ant species, The centres for the collection of the new PVCs, “The administration has repeatedly given bailouts for states to pay salary. Liberia, a suspected Ebola victim, daughter of the acclaimed winner of the annulled June 12 presidential election, but they’ve lacked hard evidence of what’s happening underground.

Wilde scrambled to grab the seat and began running. which has received little attention in the months-long fight over the Dakota Access pipeline,com. Through this medium,Trash companies will pass along the 10 percent increase caused by the garbage-burning mandate,” he said, indiscriminate rockets and brutal terrorist attacks. and levelheaded when it came to politics. Florida. A little puppet pain goes a long way.

but what’s up?”The group meets monthly at the Eagles Club for Bible study. When contacted, For a guy with "the best words" thats a pretty lame nickname. Poehler and Fey took aim at the Gravity star yet again now that he’s married to accomplished lawyer Amal Alamuddin."The people of the United States would never put him in charge A blank space on the editorial section of the Kashmir Times Even editors not part of the Guild participated in the protest. for the military onboard an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea. “To make matters worse,I know plenty enjoy it down in the sun where you now live.

average game scores and so forth. An open-air museum? Chelsea Clinton, the President. read more