The focus of the 2015 Lake Race more than 3500 police officers to escort Xining criterium

Five meters a person, the first step of the ten. In July 5th the "Lake Race" on stage, the audience in addition to all players, see the most is estimated along the officers on the. "The game" Xining criterium on the same day, Xining city has dispatched more than 3500 police officers, to protect the safety work, escort for the event.

the "Lake Race" scale, personnel, security lines long, arduous task. Xining criterium as tournament opener, security is the priority among priorities. In order to ensure the opener was successfully held in our province public security departments in accordance with the safety guarantee smoothly, smooth road overall objectives, early start, an hour ahead of traffic control, "hard and soft" isolation together, and part of the implementation of the road pavement control, both to protect the people travel, also ensure the order of events.

, "Lake Race" period, our province will be dispatched more than 30000 police officers, for the entire event escort. From the beginning of June, the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the total lead, all localities to actively implement measures to come up with solutions, primarily, security risk assessment plan, emergency plan clear responsibility task, the event route also repeated through field investigation, and according to the actual deployment of police. At the same time, held a three provincial police coordination, three linkage, for the lake race to provide a safe and effective order of the game.

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