The city’s primary and secondary schools my Chinese dream start

In April 10th, primary and secondary schools in Xining city China my dream "activities started in 54 primary school, aims at combining our ideological and moral construction of minors," Chinese dream "as a powerful driving force to stimulate the city’s primary and secondary students aspiring to serve the motherland the dreams of youth, to guide each child to establish a correct outlook on life and values and the ideal of life. It is reported that the city since last April launched "China dream · my youth dream" theme education activities over the past year, the majority of the city’s primary and secondary school students through the viewing histories, pictures, reading, writing and to participate in various activities, have a profound understanding of the relationship between "Chinese dream and reality, historical heritage the age and the connotation of" Chinese dream "has a thorough understanding, and can consciously personal ideals and dreams together, the national personal value and social value together. The reporter learned through interviews, at present, our school for children "China dream" education is rich and colorful, 54 primary school children All flowers bloom together., and dream of the impressive results, sumikawa primary school children fly kites flying through personal ideals, the tiger Taiwan primary school children will own "Chinese dream" written into the composition the children in the village primary school, the international classic reading to feel the greatness of the backbone of the Chinese nation…… Schools around the "Chinese dream" for the children to carry out the ideal of life education, is the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.  

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