Qinghai birth population quality improved significantly

Investment 7 billion 500 million, which lasted for about 9 years, in order to protect the ecological environment of Sanjiang Province, our province has implemented a series of effective protection measures, black soil beach management, returning farmland to forest, soil and water conservation, desertification control…… After 9 years of arduous ecological construction of the people of Qinghai, the ecological environment in the source area of Sanjiang has been improved.

in "61" the international children’s Day is approaching, May 21st, the Provincial Health Planning Commission to the provincial capital of the news media to inform the health status of children in the province in 2014. Among them, the province through the implementation of related projects, reduce birth defects, neonatal phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism, hospital monitoring the incidence of birth defects from 2010 to 2014 99.52/ million, 77.80/ million people; monitoring the incidence of birth defects by 88.43/ million in 2010, dropped to 81.26/ million in 2014. The quality of the birth population has been significantly improved.

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