Xining recruit teachers quota increased by 9

June 22nd, reporters from the Xining Municipal Personnel Bureau, this year for the society to recruit teachers in Xining city and places increased by 9, and to ensure fair, Xining city also specially formulated measures to further improve the recruitment of each link.

it is understood that the New South Hua experimental school increased 9 places, to participate in the open recruitment of the total number increased from the original 83 people set to 92 people, involving 25 schools, 26 professional. It is reported that the recruitment principle of recruitment, recruitment, examination subjects and methods, performance calculation methods are the same as last year. In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of candidates this year, Xining city has also introduced five new measures: one is in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the plan, making the audit organization, division of labor, work flow and other aspects detailed and clear; the two is by the employing units and personnel departments jointly review the candidates qualifications, the relaxation of some the three is to determine the specific standards; three review of education, teacher qualification certificate, identity card, which is based on the registration trial, before the interview, to be hired before the trial, to review the original classification before the expiry of the assessment, to ensure the authenticity of the certificate; four is to increase the two months of follow-up period of assessment the personnel to be hired, through the examination and elimination of examination of the ability but lack of actual work ability; five is the education department to sign letters of responsibility assessment interviews with the employer, to ensure the fair interview assessment Of.

in addition, in order to facilitate the supervision of the masses of the recruitment work, Xining announced a complaint call: (0971) 8237579. (author: He Min)


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