Water into the city Xining clear water through the city Sanchuan dream round

"to" 12th Five-Year "at the end of six, Xining Sanchuan bank will melt the characteristic landscape, ecology and economy as a whole, the building height of scattered, can reflect the ecological corridor has become one of the most beautiful Xining unique natural and cultural landscape." In January 20th, Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee responsible person told reporters that this year Xining will unswervingly push forward the Nanchuan River, Beichuan River and the Xichuan River comprehensive management, so that the water into the city "project to a new level.

the water into the city "project is most concerned about the grand project of the general public, through the implementation of three years, the city has 614 sewage outfall of governance, a sewage treatment plants have been built and put into operation, the sewage treatment capacity of the city increased year by year from 70.95% in 2009 to over 90% this year; sand control work has been hitherto unknown the results of the Huangshui River and its tributaries on both sides of the river within 500 meters of 211 mining sand washing field, the existing 208 demolition equipment to stop production, these measures play a vital role in improving the environmental quality of water to Xining.

on the basis of improving the quality of water environment, in 2013 the city will unswervingly promote the construction of a number of projects.

comprehensive construction of the Beichuan River project. At present, the Beichuan River comprehensive management of the core part of the demolition work is being carried out in an orderly manner, this year will be carried out resettlement housing and supporting infrastructure construction, resource management and standardize the exploitation of sand.

– build Nanchuan river city landscape corridor. In the river city Nanchuan City has completed the I section of comprehensive treatment on the basis of the layout of water on the island, along the cliff, sketches and other pleasant green landscape, complete the main project management section of Henan and nanchuan.

– complete the Xichuan River comprehensive management plan. In order to restore the ecological function of Xichuan River, reasonable development and utilization of land resources for the purpose of the full completion of the preparation work of the Xichuan River comprehensive management plan. In the water into the city "project, the city will actively carry out a period of reclaimed water and rainwater and sewage pipe network transformation project, fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant construction, through the above efforts, the city gradually hydrophilic, near the green, pleasant and beautiful Xining. (author: small words)

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