Xining industry and Commerce in Yuanshan residents seized 4000 bags of counterfeit salt

January 17th, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers in Xining City Park Garden Hill Lane No. 35 residential rental room discovered a large number of counterfeit edible salt. The 2 is the fake accumulation in the cement floor of the salt spoon into the plastic packing bag.

, the reporter saw in the fake scene, has not finished packing industrial salt and preservatives piled up in the corner of a house, for a male and a female sub salt told reporters: they are husband and wife, was a man surnamed Ma hired, every day is to help Ma packaging raw salt, other things they are I do not know. On the other side of the corner number ten accumulation (each 50 kg) have packed raw salt, each packing bag and 50 pouch, the color was black in addition to salt, iodized salt washing powder the sale of counterfeit salt and pouch packaging packaging from almost Nanbian authenticity. After law enforcement officers on-site inventory, packed with a total of 4000 counterfeit salt pouch.

at present, the business sector has seized all this batch of crude salt, is investigating the source of. (author: convective cloud)


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