Qinghai Grand Theatre in 2013 new year new year Haoxiliantai

in the new year at the end of the concert, Qinghai Grand Theatre, opera, ballet, children’s drama and a series of "play" together staged a month at home and abroad 4, 8 series of classical repertoire wonderful performances, as New Year gifts dedicated to the broad masses of the people.

according to the Qinghai Grand Theater of the person in charge, in December 30th, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in 2013 New Year’s concert started the new year the first series. Has been established for over 60 years, one of the world famous symphony orchestra in Czech brought together a large number of classical and jazz musicians of the world’s most famous film Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra will carry multiple tracks on the first audience for having heard it many times at the theatre stage. The orchestra played by J Mei Natalie, Dvorak as the representative of the national works will be sent to the audience of the most sincere wishes for the new year.

in addition to the heavyweight new opening show, other performances: January 7, 2013, the Russian Red Army also hidden but beautiful spot and red star will play two classical repertoire, "forever Red Star", the audience back to the burning passion. Red star song and dance troupe was founded in 1977, the Russian army’s most talented young people, to create a unique style of performance, has become Russia’s most powerful and dynamic group of literature and art. Love the traditional ballet audience will not be disappointed, and in January 8, 2013 9, brought by the Russian National Theatre two ballet "Swan Lake", so the classic. The Russian National Ballet has retained an important tradition in the history of ballet, reflecting a high degree of performance art and ballet skills, bringing the audience to the creation of the world’s most distinctive Russian ballet dancers. Crystal shoes, pen and ink, the handsome prince and happy Cinderella, known as Green fairy tales will be on stage with a performance in our province to find everything fresh and new friends surprise — by the Beijing children’s Art Theatre brings children’s drama "Cinderella" will be held on January 19, 2013 to 20 four performances. "Cinderella" is a can make the hearts of children become "soft" drama, unique classical charm, full of wit and humour of modern interpretation, melodious sounds of music, the magnificent stage building, full of wit and humour scene interaction…… A memorable memory for children. (author: Li Xin)

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