Repair channels and blocking illegal channels in our province government debt funds safe and effecti

Our province according to combining guidance, repair channels and blocking illegal channels "ideas, starting from the construction of the system, the government debt management system management, performance supervision, comprehensive evaluation management system, deepen the reform of government debt management. In recent years, the construction of the core area of the Haedong removed to build the city of Xining Railway Station renovation, energy-saving renovation of existing building, school standardization construction project performance evaluation work involving debt, government debt of 6 billion 389 million yuan of funds, effectively regulate debt financing, project management, improve operation safety, the debt fund use benefit.

for precise control of debt risk, according to the evaluation index system of domestic and international common debt risk in our province, making the debt ratio, debt ratio, debt dependency monitoring index, each half of the levels of government debt scale tracking monitoring and risk warning, strictly from the tight control of high risk of debt; improve government debt notification system, summarize and analyze the statistics of the province’s government debt growth changes, provide a basis for decision-making leadership. On this basis, the implementation of the balance of quota management, strictly control the size of the debt will be issued at a higher level of debt limits; government debt will be included in the comprehensive management system of performance appraisal and evaluation results as an important basis for the state (county) leadership annual performance evaluation, financial departments according to the evaluation results for the following year budget and cash rewards.  

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