To ensure the safety of the use of gas in Xining set up the first gas terminal equipment 4S shop

gas terminal equipment in order to regulate the whole market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users, the integration of market resources, gas equipment in Qinghai area before the Xining City Oil Trading Co., Ltd. to build gas terminal product sales and service in one of the 4S brand shop.

According to reports, the city’s gas terminal equipment on the market has more than a hundred kinds, but often people have no choice but to choose the same, after sale is not guaranteed

. Xining China Petroleum Trading Co., Ltd. set up Zhuo gas terminal equipment 4S shop, will solve this problem, regulate the overall market of gas terminal equipment to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users. The introduction of 33 household boiler brand, 8 kinds of household gas alarm, more than 100 kinds of gas terminal products, from the fundamental solution to the Xining city gas terminal equipment market, customer service products of dragons and fishes jumbled together can not effectively ensure the status quo. In the gas terminal equipment 4S shop, repair products of each heating season manufacturers sales accounted for the overall investigation of 3% brands, the company will do the corresponding clearance processing factory. As a result of supply contract dispute, all the responsibilities borne by the manufacturers; if without consent, without permission to raise the price of the manufacturers, the company has the right to its full line of products immediately cleared Xining gas terminal equipment service center". In addition, Xining Oil Trading Co., Ltd. has also developed a series of strict rules and regulations to improve product sales and service processes, to provide our customers with a full range of services. (author: Wen Ling)

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