Xining Muslim Lane international village community service for the people to create a brand communit

Xining City Muslim Lane Street office international community party branch closely around "adhere to the scientific development, to serve the people the truth, practice carrier of brand community, and promote the study and practice to achieve tangible results.


community party branch in the work for the masses, further established "for the state government for the people, Jiechou" concept. The area of City Transportation District part of hospital building uneven pavement, poor sanitation, they mobilize the masses to get rid of the rubbish, indiscriminate posting scribbles "psoriasis", hardening of the road, so that small face take on an altogether new aspect. Increase the relief efforts of difficult groups, so that the community "4045" personnel, the disabled employment difficulties and other issues have been effectively resolved. Currently, the community has 90% people with disabilities to achieve employment.


community party branch of the working party, find out the base, to mobilize and encourage them to actively participate in community construction and service work; to foreign members, through regular learning, fixed-point activities, to strengthen their management and service; for laid-off and unemployed members, trying to let them master the skills training for reemployment proficiency in a particular line.; on retirement party, often organize them to participate in activities of the branch, as they provide a platform to play a role, so that they live happily and do something. The flow of Party members to sort out the area, to carry out the call of the family in the family, through the issuance of brochures, visits and other forms, the organization of mobile party members to participate in activities.


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