13 service areas lead the future of Xining

The founding of the integrated business district, Sea Lake Road headquarters Economic Zone, west of Financial Street, north of the University city…… I will be creating Xining economy upgrade "as the goal, according to the city location, industrial base and geographical advantages, to build the construction of business services, modern logistics, technology services, cultural tourism and exhibition, finance, health care services of 13 functional characteristics obviously, radiation with strong power, modern service industry agglomeration district the area, construction has become a new growth point of the city’s economic development service industry agglomeration. At present, the service industry has been developed to implement the construction of the concentration zone, which is April 15th reporter learned from the municipal development and reform commission.

the founding of the integrated business district:Comprehensive

[] is located in the regional characteristics of the road, an area of 4.26 square kilometers. Around the area comprehensive renovation and construction of district Jianguo Road train station, relying on the local advantages of catering products.

[] a blueprint for the future to accelerate the transformation and upgrade traditional service industries, the development of business, trade, transportation and other key industries, to promote the New Millennium International Plaza commercial complex, a comprehensive business district full of modern flavor and national characteristics.

the wells Lane central business district:

[Characteristics] area is located in the West Street, an area of 0.25 square kilometers. Around the business system, relying on the traditional business street and other gold business district effect.

[] to speed up the construction of a blueprint for the future of wells Xiang Central Business District, to attract domestic and foreign brand enterprises, focusing on the development of the business office, high profile retail, create high-quality commercial essence area.

, demonstration of the headquarters Economic Zone

[] is located in the Regional Sea Lake Road, an area of 155 acres. Around a good living environment and a strong business atmosphere, relying on light rail and other transport systems.

[] a blueprint for the future to accelerate the construction of intelligent buildings, energy saving and low carbon business complex, focus on the development of headquarters economy and business services, to create efficient low carbon intelligent demonstration headquarters economic zone.

– west of Financial Street:The modern financial service area

[] regional characteristics in the Yellow River Road, 54 street and main Xinning road for the extension, to promote the development of the financial services industry agglomeration.

[] to speed up the blueprint for the future financial center, headquarters building construction, focus on the development of banking, securities and other activities, the prosperity of the financial business market, create a modern financial service area with strong financing ability.

– Chaoyang modern life information logistics park:

information life data of Logistics Park

[Characteristics] area is located in Chaoyang Road, an area of 2 square kilometers. Around the establishment of modern logistics service system, relying on good logistics infrastructure.

[] a blueprint for the future accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the park, the construction of logistics enterprise headquarters and living materials distribution center, create a fresh drug, such as the Home Furnishing;

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