Party organizations at all levels of various types of social organizations to commemorate the 70 ann

September 3rd is the Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary, as a brilliant performance deeply cherish the memory of the martyrs, carry forward the spirit of patriotism and national spirit, to further promote the construction of socialist core values, the business units and the actual work of all kinds of social organizations of Party organizations at all levels in the province organized a combination of rich and colorful, various forms of commemoration activities, to further enhance the sense of historical responsibility of social organizations, social organizations to show new features.

through the province’s social organizations to carry out all kinds of 70 anniversary to remember history, build the future as the theme to commemorate the victory of the war memorial, remember not only and the glorification of war martyrs fear of invasion, the lofty national spirit of solidarity, firm and indomitable, refuse to be cowed or submit, also express the patriotic love the hometown of the noble sentiments, carry forward the Chinese nation exhibit in the Anti Japanese war is not afraid of sacrifice, one after another, the heroic fighting spirit of patriotism, at the same time, also express and strive to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream aspiration, to fully stimulate the vitality of social organizations in our province, strengthen social organization effectiveness and cohesion, lay a solid base.

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