Build a plateau landscape garden Livable City West happy forest initiative

dear reader:

to care for the environment we live in, please join our volunteer service team! In order to create a national environmental protection model city, National Forest City, national civilized city, every citizen should do his duty. Let us join hands to participate in volunteer service activities of planting green color, the construction of our common plateau landscape garden livable city.

to achieve the promise of a look, let us go to plant trees! Together with colleagues, in order to witness the friendship, let us go to plant trees! Licking the calf affectionate parents, for the common dream, let us go to plant trees! All the friends, in order to reduce automobile exhaust emissions, let us go to plant trees! "West Sea Metropolis Daily" reader friends, in order to promote energy-saving emission reduction, mitigation of climate warming, let us plant trees……

in your own planting saplings under a tree at the same time, you can also adopt a tree hanging on your name in the tree, write your wish, let it in the summer to decorate the earth green at the same time, also carrying your wish and expectation, permanently remain in the land to grow slowly.

another 1 years, 3 years, 5 years, or even 10 years, when you go to see it, perhaps the original tree seedlings have long been thriving, but belongs to you that wish also pinned on it.

from today onwards, Xining City West District Volunteers Association and the "West Sea Metropolis Daily" began to receive enthusiastic reader registration, sincerely welcome the majority of readers, government agencies to participate in activities.

activity time: April 9th (Tuesday)

registration location: 54 West Street, Xining, No. 21 Volunteer Association (West District government building, floor five, No. two) registration Tel: 6114636

Xining West District Volunteers Association

West Sea metropolis newspaper

  in March 28, 2013;

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