Chinese new year to go Grassroots feel the Luo Ma Cun society change

During the Spring Festival in

, into the Luo Ma Cun Tian Zhai Zhen Huangzhong County, and the village square, decorated with colorful flags and lanterns, door to door and posted a poetic couplet character, everywhere can feel the strong flavor.

February 11th, the lunar new year four, at nightfall, nearly more than and 20 village square lanterns will shine brightly, the village children are chasing, women also have to get out of the house, from the dance rehearsal, the villagers are preparing to celebrate the Lantern Festival in the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar when the fire.

‘s home in the Xia Luo Ma Cun, remember the fifteen year since the childhood, the village will have the fire performance, according to the more than and 70 year old elderly people in the village said, when they were young have the fifteen folk art performances of history, now has been unable to verify the village fire show how many years history. Remember the village is a traditional folk Shehuo performing old fire agency, has a traditional constitution: each of a male fire on the day of the performance to the temple dress, women can not dress up can not enter the temple, fire performance does not need to rehearse, after a performance, performers have to uninstall to go home after the temple worship.

in recent years, with the policy of benefiting the party and the government to implement the people, production and living standards have improved significantly, people of culture and entertainment also have a higher level of demand, in addition to the traditional old festivals before, in recent years the emergence of new fire. The new fire into the dragon dance, lion dance, modern dance, dancing and other modern factors, content from traditional to pray for good weather, extended to the blessing of peace and prosperity, produce good harvests, national prosperity etc.. And every family, children and adults are added to the fire performance, more participants are women and children, forming a new, young and old men and women play with fire together, in order to make the fire performance more beautiful, the village also invited a senior "old fire", every night to teach the villagers rehearsal.

Luo Ma village Party branch secretary Zhang Shunjun was the leader of the traditional festivals in the village, now the emergence of new fire, Zhang Shunjun deep feelings, "before the village show is a traditional old fire, do not need to rehearse, then jump up on the line. During the Spring Festival, adults play mahjong, drinking during the day, the children are also affected, to win each other’s lucky money. Now, well, the village square is placed on fitness equipment and basketball, the Spring Festival people will relax exercise, rehearsal Shehuo, kids playing basketball in the square, but also from time to time and the village people playing a few games, the villagers living comfortable, clean and tidy village, village civilization."

in addition to Luo Ma Village, the township of Huangzhong county are folk art performances during the Spring Festival, folk art performances have been a fundamental change from the traditional festivals to a new fire, which is not only the changes of the form, content is more change, more modern elements into the fire agency performance, highlighting the township people love life, refinement and civilization new fashion festival.


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