Democratic life will be full of spicy

July 14th to 15, the City Council held a special democratic life. At the meeting, the Standing Committee of the 10 one by one to carry out criticism and self-criticism, we dig pit of the stomach, really beat, meeting spicy.

tree benchmark, leaders take the lead to do demonstration. Party secretary Su Leihong set an example, take the initiative to their own "fire", analyzes the personal style and the four winds issue 18. With advice and talk talk team in education practice to seek, put forward 4 criticisms of the Standing Committee of the team, really do not evade the cover up, touch the real problem, really red face, the sweat, row poison; poking pain, full of spicy mutual criticism. In mutual criticism, every comrade has done to adhere to the principle, grasp the essence of the lack and shortcomings of no taboo, straightforward. During the meeting, the Standing Committee of the team criticized the 33, mutual criticism between the 182, received more than 18 comments.

seek practical results, specific corrective measures. In the democratic life meeting, the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee on the spot list of 10 specific rectification matters, the legislative change, clear specific measures, the responsibility of leadership and rectification objectives.

true supervision, comments on the original. Municipal Committee, municipal guard commissar Wang Kailin, municipal second steering group leader and member of the steering group to participate in the whole process of the democratic life of the association of Gao Yumei. Wang Kailin believes that the democratic life organized a high starting point, check the focus of criticism, spicy thick, dig deep cause analysis, corrective measures must be real, is a high quality meeting, and puts forward three suggestions for the next step: one is to consolidate the results in the continuing efforts; the two is to focus on the future in the efforts to build a long-term mechanism; three is the overall consideration in efforts to combine.


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