A new way to build Web applications

if you want to ask what is the most attractive thing to do, that is to create Web applications. After all, the last time you heard someone say something about the interaction design of a product (other than iPod) they are all cool, and they are very innovative projects.

put the matter, not what Web designers to design better interactive Web approach, but we do desktop software colleagues to cast a little envious eyes. The desktop application has rich interface and ability to respond to a Web program is incomparable. Similarly, the rapid development of Web, a huge gap between the experience and the experience we get from desktop applications

and now the gap is fading. Please look at the "Google Suggest (Google)". Observe that it updates the recommended items according to your input, almost instantly updated. Look at " Google Maps" amplification, using your mouse to move and rolling. These actions are almost immediate response, do not wait for the page refresh.

" Google Suggest" and " Google Maps" Ajax technology is the use of two typical examples. Ajax is the abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript and, which represents a fundamental shift in Web development, that is, what might be done on.

Web XMLDefinition of


Ajax is not a technology, it is actually a few technologies, each technology has its unique place, together become a powerful new technology. Ajax includes:


uses the document object model (Document Object Model) for dynamic display and interactive

use XML and XSLT to do data exchange and operation

uses XMLHttpRequest to receive asynchronous data

uses JavaScript to bind them together

‘s traditional web application model works like this: most of the user actions on the interface trigger an HTTP request to the Web server. The server does some processing – receiving data, processing calculations, and then accessing other database systems, and finally returning a HTML page to the client. This is a familiar pattern, since the use of hypertext is used as web has always used, but the The Elements of User Experience "read" readers must know what limits the Web desktop software interface is not so good. >

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