The toilet string stores hot business Business

in the modern era, more distinctive snacks market, as a string of toilet unique flavor delicacy, let them eat also want to eat chowhound, toilet string name is very special, let consumers listen to forget, let them eat cannot forget chowhound.

‘s product line of toilet string variety, regular replacement to give consumers more choice, eat a hundred tire. In the summer to eat strings let you soak in the bottom of my heart, eat, eat in the winter, so that you keep your body warm, enjoy the same delicious. Let consumers love, naturally more money.

toilet string franchise

(toilet string)

string brand toilet is very special, not only reflected in the naming characteristics, but the style is very novel, and it has a long history, began operating in Chengdu from the beginning of 90s, now the Chan Kee string toilet bottom material is adapted from that time, using pure vegetable oil and dozens of kinds of spices made, formed a unique string of cold pot.

toilet string spicy but not dry, not greasy oil. Do not get angry, consumers of all ages are edible, its unique taste to attract a lot of consumers, so many chowhound unable to stop, allow consumers to lead a person to endless aftertastes, eat very comfortable. Choose to join the chain shop, delicious to earn great wealth.

as a popular delicacy brand, popularity has been very high hot string toilet, toilet string join headquarters is adhere to the characteristics, for consumers to bring delicious delicious taste is amazing, many businesses become a good choice.

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