Analysis of 5 cases of traditional fresh electricity supplier experience

the development of an industry, need time accumulation. Taobao’s Juhuasuan has a huge traffic advantage in the electricity supplier channels, agricultural products and fresh products has become the fastest growing category in 2012, Juhuasuan launched the local fresh channel in 2012, 2013 is gradually forming, has become an important category of life in Juhuasuan exchange. At present, Juhuasuan fresh fruit, seafood, meat based, the model is basically pre-sale, order agriculture.

in March this year, thousands of dead pigs floating the Huangpu, Juhuasuan immediately launched the Zhejiang mountains of Suichang backyard ecological pig sale in April, and according to the news, the huge investment promotion resources, this is the first time Juhuasuan large fresh pork group purchase activities. This event jointly operated by local farmers and the local government, the local electricity supplier and Juhuasuan four aspects: farmers with pigs, local governments give credit endorsement and administrative support, the local electricity supplier is responsible for the operation, Juhuasuan is responsible for integrating information resources. 6093 pounds of pork sold on the first day of the event, turnover of $184 thousand and 559. This record on clothing and 3C products can only be said in general, but as fresh products, has been very good.

cherry although the record is impressive, but also in the delivery after the encounter bad luck, a shop shop DSR from 5 down to 4.>

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