Children continue to heat up the transformation of the shopping center facing

previously, people say that women earn money best, and now, this sentence should be changed to "the child’s best to earn money, children are now rising retail shopping center, is also facing a new transformation, the commercial complex emphasis on children’s format prompted the rapid development of current children’s format, all kinds of theme, the children experience qinzaiyueyuan frequently appeared.

in the vigorous development of commercial real estate today, children’s format because of its strong ability to attract customers by the industry called "passenger engine", "a N forms", let the business by the first to consider the "woman economy" to the "children’s economy". Commercial complex on the importance of children’s format has prompted the rapid development of children’s format, all kinds of themes, the experience of children’s children’s paradise frequently unveiled. It is understood that from 2013 to 2015, the overall market size of the indoor children’s paradise industry will maintain an average growth rate of 40%, that is, from 2012 to $4 billion 200 million to $11 billion 525 million in 2015.

The development of

theme Qinzileyuan   earn popularity

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