Creative economy for you to tap unprecedented business opportunities

innovation is the modern society continue to advocate and carry forward, entrepreneurial life is more and more people hope, do you know the creative economy? What are the benefits of it? What are the help? May wish to come together to understand!


there’s something new, maybe you don’t know what it is, right?

briefly, including: re thinking or creativity of thinking from the basic principle of the method, the ability to find a common thread seems to be out of order or from different things, the ability, the ability to be pioneers, the ability to modify the rules, the ability to imagine the future of the program. As early as 20 years ago, the famous economist Romer (P.Romer) had pointed out that new ideas will lead to new opportunities for infinite new products and new markets and create wealth, so new ideas are the driving forces of national economic growth.

"creative economy" era quietly rising

in the face of rapid change, constantly challenging times, business rules of survival in the world has undergone important changes. The scale of the industrial economy is no longer a simple decision, and is no longer the era of information technology. We are entering this era is the era of creative economy, people’s creativity, imagination, creativity has become the core, as long as there is creativity, you can challenge the commercial hegemony. As economist Hawkins puts it, "the man who has the idea becomes more powerful than the man who uses it, and in many cases, even better than the man who owns it."."


with the modern society more and more creative ideas, good ideas can bring unexpected results, can bring us unexpected life, creative economy, set off a new era of wealth!

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