How to operate in the summer will be hot Hot pot shop business Business

hot pot restaurant industry has to mention a major event, people like to eat hot pot, no matter what season are very fond of, but how to attract the attention of consumers in the summer? Summer is the hot pot industry off-season, with the reduction in the number of customers, many businesses are trying to find a way to find their own characteristics, so that their pot shop can be profitable in the off-season. So, for the first time entrepreneurs, in the summer how to operate in order to allow the hot pot shop overcrowding? Now, let’s go and have a look.

clear restaurant location

hot pot restaurant business is not good in the summer, it is necessary to analyze the positioning of the hot pot restaurant. Some hot pot restaurant can be positioned as a hot pot restaurant, can also be positioned as a series of restaurants operating characteristics of mutton restaurants, or positioning for the characteristics of hot pot restaurants, public hot pot restaurants, or simply a restaurant. In view of this, it should be characterized by product management is the key.

consumer guide

For example, a lot of Beijing Hot pot shop

fist product is mutton slices cooked in hot pot if you want to continue this operation, characteristics of products and attract customers in the summer, we must take the initiative to do some consumer guide, for example by some TCM theory to explain what the constitution people eat sheep meat more benefits in summer rinse. Of course, it is necessary to use the media to promote, and must have a real basis. However, the promotion is not simply the use of promotional tools, such as how much to eat, how much to send, price discounts and the like, but to highlight what products can bring benefits to consumers.

food strictly

because of the hot summer weather, the food is easy to break, not fresh. Therefore, the quality of the ingredients must be very strict, all ingredients have to be carey selected. For example, Hot pot shop features in Rice-meat dumplings are the ingredients, Hot pot shop by kitchen master personally made with fresh shrimp namahage made from beef balls, choose no water beef face, going into fresh dumplings good. So customers in the summer to eat fresh ingredients will certainly come again.

to carry out effective marketing activities

in the clear positioning and direction of the restaurant at the same time, but also need to investigate whether there are other local hot pot restaurant? How about their grades? How is the business? Market positioning? Price positioning? In order to test their restaurant’s product portfolio in the end need to "deep" or "wide", and then can be carried out step by step marketing activities.

do pot features

if the restaurant was originally in accordance with the style of the hot pot shop decoration, you can also consider the development of hot pot products to do the characteristics of hot pot. The development of a number of hot pot for the summer, can be started from the bottom material, such as cool, warm pot recommended

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