2016 catering business points can not be missed five

What are the five major business points of

2016 catering? Followed by the pace of the times, people on the food and beverage industry, the market also has some understanding, in the face of competition, we have to learn to master more business opportunities, let us come together to witness the next bar.

A, taste spicy


and mentioned food spicy, people first thought is Sichuan and Hunan, and many restaurants are also doing spicy, but can be the first hot, spicy king, decided the catering enterprises in the taste of opportunity before the outcome. "The tongue" caused by the hit of the Chongqing small noodles is a hot, hot cyclone, the rapid rise in hot condition as the representative of the small ha brand in Tianjin and Beijing, to seize market opportunities.

2015 in April, McDonald’s also found hot is regarded as "Chinese first taste", once launched three new spicy hamburger, and held in Guangzhou "world surprise earthshaking hey, fortunately, a new meal eat spicy single tasting, to build a" spicy hamburger "dominance.

– 1+1 composite shop category opportunity

single store from a certain point of view, like the Taobao explosion models, and the explosion of low margin commodity is zero or even negative gross margin, the explosion is used to store the drainage to buy other goods. Single shop on a single product, but also to guide where to go?

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