Anhui in Wuwei County province to provide nanny services the whole of entrepreneurs

although there are a lot of people want to start a business, but because of their own will not, coupled with the lack of government support is not enough, leading to a smooth start on the road. To this end, if you want to make the local business to get a better development of entrepreneurship, naturally need to provide a more intimate good service.

Anhui province Wuwei County Shushan town crab breeding large Ephraim week a chance from the County postal savings bank loan to delivery to the countryside "activities that microfinance loan information, according to the data of small loan formalities required for small loans, a few days to get interest free micro loan of 100 thousand yuan, he solved the shortage of funds the dilemma.

in recent years, in order to help support the public entrepreneurship, Wuwei County to take a variety of measures to actively create nanny style entrepreneurial service system. The county was first established entrepreneurial guidance center, providing entrepreneurial help for all types of entrepreneurs, policy advice, project promotion, expert guidance, microfinance, tracking support and other one-stop entrepreneurial counseling services. At the same time, according to the characteristics of different groups, different stages of entrepreneurship, the integration of various types of employment training institutions, the initiative to carry out various forms of entrepreneurship training, to carry out targeted project development training.

in addition, the county also hired by experts and scholars, well-known entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, intermediary institutions, enrich entrepreneurial guidance expert team strength, to provide personalized, professional business services for all types of entrepreneurs. Sound, according to the entrepreneurial status of entrepreneurs, the establishment of business visits and entrepreneurship service account system, do a good job of follow-up services to improve the stability of the business.

set up entrepreneurship service window in the county towns and relevant units, the county government website and TV stations opened entrepreneurship special column, regularly publish entrepreneurship policies, investment projects, market conditions, foreign trade and labor supply and other related information, to provide business information service for the entrepreneurial intention of entrepreneurs.

in a number of nanny service incentives under the county entrepreneurship work fruitful, as of now, the county this year, new venture enterprises 919 households, 338 households in the completion of the annual target task 270%; new 4239 individual industrial and commercial households, 1939 households in the completion of the annual target task 218%; business loans 150 million yuan, the new 1 a college business park and the municipal scale incubator 4, settled in 53 enterprises, led 300 people in employment, new employment risk investment of 100 million yuan, more than 2.2 people, to achieve entrepreneurial employment multiplier effect.


now throughout the government is vigorously support the entrepreneurship development, however, in different places of the venture capital can present a different development, and all this natural and local government support is very large. The Anhui province’s pioneering work in Wuwei County can have the current development, nature and the government to support a close relationship.

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