Get ready for new year’s Day


2016 years of the date of the eye was not large, for retailers, and a sales climax time is the natural day. The new year’s Day holiday is coming, at this time the holiday market is also very active, significantly increased the purchasing power of the community, the commodity sales rate will be increased accordingly. Therefore, for our retail households, the annual number of major holidays are rare sales opportunities. Here, I put forward the following points for all peer reference, to make full preparations for holiday sales.

ahead of their own inventory of cigarettes, ahead of the reserve supply. More than the middle of high-grade cigarettes, because more people return home during the holidays, visiting relatives and friends will buy some of the higher grade cigarettes. At the same time, but also to enrich the variety of cigarettes, in the tight supply situation is relatively scarce, you can order some new products to make up for the shortage of tight supply.

to create a festive atmosphere, enhance the sales of cigarettes selling points. Before the festival, the store can be carefully arranged to create a "New Year’s Day" during the peace and stability of a strong atmosphere. At the same time make cigarette display, the appropriate use of personalized Chen Lielai to heighten the festive atmosphere, let consumers feel comfortable at the same time to buy cigarettes.

uses warm service to guide consumer spending. Due to the significant increase in the flow of people during the holiday season, we often ignore the quality of our services due to a busy. So, we must be kind, warm, smiling, not neglect every customer into the store, before we left to the consumer a good impression at the same time, to guide the consumer, this is the best time to recommend new.


said that every shop wants to grasp the time of the holiday to create higher sales, but if you do not do the preparatory work, it is difficult to attract consumers. Finally, I want to say is, as long as we make good use of arrangements "New Year’s Day holiday, in this short three days, our sales will be more than usual several fold, culminating in the sales promotion but also enhance their profitability.

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