MS ten cigarette brand rankings

smoking is no longer the men in the old, there has been a growing number of women on the road of smoking. However, the current market on the common cigarette products not only for the physical harm of the woman, but also very choking, so there will be a professional woman cigarettes. So, which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to show you the top ten brands of cigarettes cigarettes.


cigarette ten brands list NO.1, Zhongnanhai:

Zhongnanhai cigarette is an early product of Beijing cigarette factory, it stems from the hobby of Mao Zedong in his later years. At the beginning of 80s, Beijing cigarette factory and Zhongnanhai Guard Bureau discuss the registration of trademarks, registered with the success of the Beijing cigarette factory will provide the name at the time for president Mao Zedong’s "Zhongnanhai" for cigarette smoke also fundamentally from".


cigarette ten brands list NO.2, 520:

Taiwan produced cigarettes, "520" is the main love card, literally means "I love you". In this way, it does not seem tacky, but also naturally linked with the trend of today’s popular, older people get recognition and love. Look at the cigarette itself, there is a heart in the filter, from the middle to see, ambiguous red faintly visible, but also add a trace of secrets. A lot of old girls prefer "520", they firmly believe that "the heart of the love has flavor".


cigarette ten brands list NO.3, Shou hundred years:

sobranie production Commercial Co. Ltd. British Gallaher, because sobranie belongs to tobacco, and suggested that the choice of green, is good for the protection of female voice. Sobranie smoke cover with the golden eagle, the British royal family is standing with the smoke." Belong to a relatively light taste, add a little Mint is more flavor. But this is not the same as Sharon, perhaps the filter is more subtle so that the taste of the right to break through the tight encirclement to reach the mouth, the appropriate concentration of the concentration of the distribution of the maximum value, more intoxicating.


ten cigarette brand rankings, esse:


is South Korea’s tobacco companies esse (KT& G) is one of the most representative of the brand, has become the world’s first Super Slim sales of the brand, blended with carey selected tobacco delicate, to meet your greatest joy, hi is representative of low stimulation soft cigarette, cigarette yet noble and delicate, social elite the choice of.


cigarette ten brands list NO.5, Salem:

the first cigarette in the United States, a lot of people think Moore is a cigar. Enduring history

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