Store off season business needs to dig around the market

in the peak season when the market almost no need to worry about the problem, customers will continue to come. But in the off-season, this situation is often difficult to appear, if you want to make the business of the shop is well developed, naturally need to invest a certain amount of energy around the market. Hongdingshangren Hu Xueyan today said: "if you have a county perspective, then you can do a county business; if you have the vision, then you can do a province of business; if you have a world vision, then you can do business in the world." Therefore, the shop to engage in business, to be good at divergent thinking, can not only focus on a point of view, so that not only will not expand the off-season market, it is impossible to make their own greater success.

sales season, for some of our towns or rural areas of small and medium-sized retail customers, now facing one of the biggest problems is that traffic is too small, can not form a certain scale of consumer groups, and one to the off-season, passenger "shrink" is more obvious. The reason is that some years of strong labor consumers to go out to work, the consumer is also the largest consumer groups, consumer outflows, which caused the decline in the purchasing power of the community, we also ran into business supply but no market "vicious circle".


retail businesses to more effectively "dig canal diversion", to do this, we can also stare at the eyes of a village, a residential area, but to look at the surrounding area, with our surrounding characteristics to attract customers, mining more and more extensive consumption of resources, the is to create an important step in the off-season. So as our rural retail customers, how to attract the villagers around the village to shop, do the off-season market?

first we need to make efforts in rural areas from the food, Zhenyuan, to relatives to buy vegetables are not easy, so we can use the resources, products or semi-finished products to sell some dishes, but should pay attention to health, work must be done, now living conditions are good, rural consumers health consciousness is strong. In this way, not only to facilitate the surrounding villagers, but also to expand sales.

then, when nothing in the slack, we can retail customers and coordination inside the village, funded by local retail stores, providing a venue, a local opera singing scene in front of the store, now many places are not rich in rural culture. These with the local characteristics of small programs but the villagers love, also can put the movie what, as long as the absorption of popular activities are cited here, through such initiatives, not only improve your shop popularity, but also to achieve sales.

at the same time, for the fierce competition in the urban and rural markets, if there is no surrounding passenger flow, the average flow of each store is difficult to maintain a normal level, but now it is difficult to attract goods around the passenger flow. So it is necessary to create a good warm

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