How to locate the cosmetics store

cosmetics profits, want to open a lot of cosmetics store friends, a good cosmetics store, positioning is very accurate first. Today, the market a wide variety of cosmetics brands, so many people dazzled. Cosmetics store how to locate? This is to listen to Xiaobian for you to provide some small suggestions!

of cosmetics on the market are high, medium and low grades of products, we see Lancome, Chanel, Shiseido, OLAY called brands; L’OREAL moderate price is a second-line brand; Dabao, small nurses and other inexpensive three line brand. Cosmetics shop business strategy, in general, the third cosmetics respectively through the large department stores, shops, supermarket or corner store three channels of sales. This shows you in the choice of the brand is to pay attention to your choice of brand and store address is not the most suitable, otherwise it is failure.

How to locate the


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