How to set up a fast food restaurant tables and chairs to be able to make money

fast food is very popular in our daily life, at the same time in the whole society, fast food operators are more and more, so in the fast-food business, how should make good arrangement will fast food tables and chairs.


consider the number of customers

according to the number of guests to arrange the number of tables and chairs are very important, so to avoid the waste of material. One of the most important principles of fast food restaurant management is to maximize the use of seats. Table size must be selected according to the principle of configuration. In the choice of table specifications, the most important criterion is the maximum number of customers per table, the frequency of statistics, that is, the number of combinations of the largest number of diners. Plate

the seating arrangement is also very important, can not be arbitrary. First, people do not want to eat in a crowded fast food restaurant, but the scarcity of customers in a fast food restaurant can create an unwelcome atmosphere. Therefore, there is a certain degree of flexibility in arranging the number of seats in a fast food restaurant. Secondly, due to the different categories of food seat turnover rate, the number of customers of different food categories are different, different food categories require meal seat number is different, so the fast-food operator can arrange according to different categories of food need to seat.

In fact, the whole


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