The Baoqiang Wang family died in a car accident at micro blog drunk driving escape

in recent years, the country has been driving the car to take zero tolerance attitude, the introduction of a number of provisions thorough investigation of drunk driving, but there are still many people commit crimes against the wind. Last night, the famous actor Baoqiang Wang micro-blog said the family died in a car accident, and the curse of the driver escapes.

12 on the evening of 13 August, Baoqiang Wang micro-blog angrily drunk driving hit and run driver, suspected family died in a traffic accident. Micro-blog wrote: "drunk driving hit and run such things happened in their own family, X your mother, you also have to think about the danger of ignoring their own lives! The people killed also fled, you know what the fuck do not know to the death of family leave much pain!!


see Baoqiang Wang micro-blog, users have to send comfort, there are a lot of people support Baoqiang Wang, to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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