Furniture building materials retail industry is facing problems

is now in Home Furnishing industry, due to the influence of the whole social environment, so there are some problems on the run, at the same time for some operators also need time to find some of these questions, it can solve the problems, the successful operation of.

now the furniture building materials retail industry faces four major problems:

in all furniture brand dealers in to the pressure, as if all selected this strategy: price against opponents for advertising, to carry out promotional activities or replacement of the brand is helpless. However, today’s reality tells us that the results of these strategies are not what everyone wants. So, can we find a way to change this situation?

if you want to do better than with good, you must find out all neglected, and this neglected place is the consumer need and are willing to accept. As long as you can do everything you do not do the best, you can get customer recognition, you can get a bigger market.

through to many furniture dealers understand, find your understanding of services is still relatively backward. In other words, the majority of retailers in the concept of service consumers, level and ability to be improved.

and, we know that the service is a trend in the future, today is entering an era of service. The establishment of a correct service concept is one of the prerequisites for obtaining competitive advantage. Here are some ideas about service.

In fact, in the entire process of


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