Listen to the advice of customers to make Sun Fangda business more prosperous

‘s advice to customers? Many shopkeepers are wavering about this aspect, do not know how to make a decision. For Sun Fangda, it is because of the customer’s advice, will make the current business is so hot shop. In fact, the customer is God, I respect the God, but also to the customer’s comments and suggestions as a key, want customers to think, anxious customers anxious, so as to be able to operate their own supermarket. Our supermarket in the countryside, we here in the winter, most of the villagers have nothing to do, we all get together to play cards.

some customers to my supermarket shopping, said to me: "you have a supermarket next door so big house, how not to use ah!" I feel very strange, how to use it? The customer said: "you will house burned warm son, and then let the villagers to you here to play cards, so you can increase your popularity here, and many people will not buy things, do not promote your sales?" Hearing his words, I seemed to see the light at once.

so, I and family studies, a few days we’ll have another room clean, then burned warm. Then, I would like to ask you to come here to play, do not collect money, free space. The villagers, very happy. They walked into my supermarket, in our room, Kang Table, two tables on the ground, so that everyone played. Every day they have a place to go, the more people are busy watching. They gathered in my room to chat and play cards.

some people play with a thirsty, so called out a bottle of coke. So I gave it to you at once. The customer said, playing here, it is too convenient, what you want to. There are customers hungry, to buy instant noodles. So I gave him a box, customers eat instant noodles happy. There are the busy customers, to our side to buy cigarettes or something.

this move, so that the supermarket attracted a large number of customers, increased popularity, while income has increased a lot. At that moment, I was filled with a thousand regrets. Thanks to the advice of the customer, I wouldn’t be so prosperous. Most of the time, listen to the advice of customers, we are a great promotion, we can get a lot of business opportunities, so that business is booming.

is precisely because of the full consideration of the customer’s advice, will let Sun Fangda shop currently has such a hot business. So, the customer’s advice if you think useful after careful consideration, may wish to listen to a lot of. After all, the customer is from their own point of view of the need to make recommendations, often favorable to the development of the store, these suggestions are worth listening to.

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