The Knights of entrepreneurial class president congratulated mother where to go to get the financing

in the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also need to pay attention to the quality of entrepreneurship, such entrepreneurship can be a long time, entrepreneurship education courses to get up. The Knights of the round table entrepreneurial class to help a lot of entrepreneurs to start a successful business, where the mother is to help get ten million financing.

Knights of the latest

2016 in January 28th, the Knights of entrepreneurial class teacher Li Xiaoxing is a special and rewarding lucky day. As a mother where she had done in the CEO platform mother trying to get a number of investment institutions, and completed its first round of financing, the current round of investment institutions for weldking capital, Huarui investment, cloud acceleration, radish dish agency, wolf capital, Shang Kun investment of six venture capital institutions, financing the amount of up to ten million yuan.

as knights of entrepreneurial class teacher, Ms. Li Xiaoxing said he was very grateful to the Knights of the round table of entrepreneurial class in this platform, let her come into contact with more like-minded people, everyone mutual exchange and common progress. Ms. Li Xiaoxing said very proud of himself as a knight of the round table the entrepreneurial team entrepreneurial class teacher, to set an example, told entrepreneurs never to venture Road will not be easy, but it is a road of entrepreneurship, as long as you have enough to fight, enough, smart enough, enough of the wolf.

the Knights of the round table where the mother witnessed the entrepreneurial class growth path

2015 at the beginning of the year, the Knights of the round table entrepreneurial class teacher Ms. Li Xiaoxing, also with other entrepreneurs, learn in every elite platform, due to coincidence of investment and financial elite club of Hangzhou was the party and was attached to the fund, and made great contributions in Hangzhou: expansion club, technical support for the club: the widely appreciated club members.

(two): mother club where NiuDao

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