How to choose to let a person contented cloth

a woman must be more than one package, a variety of styles of various materials in the bag filled with our eyes, is a very common cloth bag, also it is the market in recent years, cloth with its bright colors, fashionable, more and more characteristics of cheap MM their favorite, according to nearly two years of procurement cloth, sales experience and knowledge to consult cloth manufacturers, say to buy cloth skill:

buy cloth skill, from the fabric on the

mainly in the canvas cloth, corduroy, velvet, wool fabric, winter with some artificial wool, good quality canvas, corduroy fabric texture, delicate touch, feel relatively not very smooth to buy cloth skill two, cotton, cotton from the material on the material and chemical fiber material compared to more strong, not easy drawing, may we often encounter this kind of situation: bag appearance is not bad, in the first break, so buy a bag, is very important in the material. Some brands in the bag will have a brand LOGO, of course, the price is also increased accordingly.

buy cloth skill three,

from the ingredients

Compared with the

cloth bag, the shape is not strong, easy deformation, so the production of cloth, usually in the fabric on the pressure of a layer of non-woven fabric (that is, girls often use compressed facial mask materials) to stabilize the package shape, non-woven heavier the higher price, package shape fixed is also better, so in general in terms of hardware ingredients under the same situation, heavy cloth.

buy cloth skill four,

from work

sewing stitch more dense, bag more strong, more difficult line.

buy cloth skill five,

from the hardware ingredients

read the article above, I believe that everyone should know how to choose cloth, if you still do not know it, can contact our staff to learn more about the content, also is the zipper, ring, hook and so on, now I see the best of course may be made of copper, the weight is also very heavy, hope this article to help you.

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