Thankyou hotel to join a good whole

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we constantly improve the demand for the hotel. Want to succeed in the business of the franchisee, might as well take it into consideration, to join the hotel is still good?

how about the hotel?

is still a good hotel chain focus on three or four cities chain hotel management model, with thousands of shops in the performance of the myth of the creation of five years. The hotel is based on innovation, advocating a more comfortable and comfortable travel lifestyle, to create a two or three line of the city, the young temperament".

for a hotel to investors, is the key to the brand and profit model, the guest is gifted in 2010, countrywide thankyou hotel chain is a powerful brand, 2016 of the thankyou hotel into a new generation of young group playful personality and social needs. To create a new, fun, friendly and comfortable space design to subvert the lobby of Tradition Hotel open and monotonous, the original "Hugo space", the hotel lobby design into a set of leisure, entertainment, office, communication in one multi-functional space. Ultrafast WIFI, high configuration computer, and other office equipment, to create "we-work space" for the needs of the office of business people; and somatosensory games, cool projection, sharing, love to love the new social elite to create a shared ideal country. Meet the young white-collar fashion, personalized business daily social needs, which can improve the utilization rate of the property area, make up for the Tradition Hotel "high input low output" defects, increase the hotel to join income, while also greatly enhance the consumer experience.

at the same time, thankyou hotel into groups of young love playing social individual needs, build Master service selection platform, guests can Master tourism online booking service, Master special travel writer, delicacy, travel photographer, family travel and other Master Master choice, private custom style fashion, high quality travel routes, provide pick-up, recreation and even take photos and other services.

good hotel to join the project is the first step of our successful business. How about the hotel? Select a lot of advantages. In fact, making money is so simple!

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