The end of the store promotion should be promptly removed publicity

is now a lot of shops will continue to carry out a variety of promotional activities, however, after all, promotion is a time limit. Once this time, promotional activities will no longer be carried out naturally. But a lot of shops will still have a variety of promotional publicity, causing customers to be misled. Although it is only a matter of detail, but it will bring a very bad impact on the store, thus affecting the long-term development of the store.

had a husband to go on a business trip, need to buy a pair of slippers. He came to the street, a "full five yuan" biography hears the sound of the radio. There is a nearby five yuan shop, the store on the banner of the banner marked the full court five yuan a few words. Husband walked into the store, pick a pair of slippers to checkout cashier. Nine block eight!" Cashier side scan code side quotes. "Isn’t it five yuan?" Her husband asked. "That was a time ago, has expired, radio and banners did not have time to change." The cashier said something.

what do you think of this when you’re shopping? Although I am also a shopkeeper, can be transposed thinking, I can understand the feelings of customers at this time. For retail stores, after the end of the promotional activities, the relevant posters, radio, etc. to be removed in time, so as not to bring trouble to themselves and customers. Some people may think that this is just the details, there is no need to care too much, do not forget, the success or failure of the decision is often the details.

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