Vertical O2O community will become a trend or become the next outlet of the nternet

in the Internet, the various modes of entrepreneurship are endless. And if this kind of poineering upsurge is likened to martial arts arena, O2O model, after two years of discipline, can be called "swordsman". But as the time for this model of barbarism grows, it has entered a stable phase, and has even undergone a series of shocks.

because since the second half of last year, vertical O2O can be described as a roller coaster in general, especially automotive O2O, from the once hot, instant into the winter. Although there are incentives for capital contraction, more of this is due to the lack of upgrading of the model after the initial stages of development.


vertical O2O community will be a trend

so, O2O is more and more popular in the moment, in the Red Sea O2O entrepreneurial company wants to blaze a new trail, an important mode of timely upgrade. Just like Jin Yong knight in ashes of time, why has been ranked four, but also for jiuyinzhenjing? It is because in the fierce competition in the political arena, when people get it, is likely to go beyond their own. If you don’t want to be eliminated, you have to upgrade and strengthen your skills. So, what is the "vertical O2O jiuyinzhenjing"? In my opinion, is the heady community.

because the community will be the future of many patterns of important traffic entrance, and its resulting community economy is more efficient way of commercial realization. Not just vertical O2O, including electricity providers, and even from the media industry and so on, the community has a very important role in blessing. Based on this, the community is becoming more and more concerned by the public, and it is because of the great heat of the community that the eyes of the capital market are beginning to tilt towards the influential community. So, be said to be the next Internet outlet, not at all.

in fact, throughout the vertical O2O field, the trend towards socialization has been overwhelming. And more and more vertical O2O platform has also been aware of this, and began to force the direction of socialization. Only by the platform’s vision and strategic level differences, resulting in different platforms of different levels of socialization. Only with this several more representative vertical O2O platform as an example, the mobile platform mother freaky help, have their own freaky community, medical beauty O2O, oxygen, have a plastic surgery community, and Immigration Service Platform Based on the other side of the sea, also created a Chinese community of immigrants. These are all relatively early platforms for community management, and the momentum of community development has been good in the first place.

Three major roles of the

community in vertical O2O

The transformation upgrade of the O2O

community is being carried out quietly, and the reason for this trend is because of the O2O pattern after the outbreak of the barbaric growth and after cooling, is in a state to continue to change, and the community of three important vertical O2O, O2O > can reshape the business

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