Talking about the method of making template quickly

many webmaster, a start is often a difficult layout, who want to seriously do a good, can reflect their own style, improve their professional website, let the customer trust strengthen. There is no denying that a beautifully crafted and streamlined piece of code really improves the taste and quality of the website. But making a good website takes a lot of time to design and output. Moreover, to have experienced web designers, the expansion of the web, speed, beauty, SEO promotion has higher requirements. Usually it takes a lot of money to make a stop. While unigarden network can only charge 300 ~ 800

, what is it?

network unigarden wrote this website template fast making article, only for those eager to do stand, and not to grasp the method of novice friends to provide a solution! My personal experience, this method is very effective, I hope that this website template can fast preparation method to help you.

through a few years to do the station, and constantly sum up, and finally summed up a quick way to make templates:

first, you have to do is the website such as industry! Do you want water heater website, immediately use Baidu or GOOGLE to find a dozen industries to do well in the site, to see which style is suitable. Then, compare the pages with better code. It’s better to have a simple structure, a clean layout, save the page, and download his inner page,

, isn’t that copy? NO, not copy, reference! Look at this:

Second step

save down, we only need the layout, code, JS effects! Now we need to do is to change the text on your own, the other LOGO sites will be removed, the entire page copy down, two times two times the workload of design design! Is not large, generally just his treatment at LOGO, the navigation processing, advertising images change, the title change background. If you hurry, you can even put the wrong person, another beautiful website style borrowed here


of course, there must be some disdain for this approach. In fact, if you are a master, you only borrow code and layout, and you can design a more elegant page on the basis of this two time. Newton said, "stand on the shoulders of giants!"

is the new page to do, according to the needs of the original advertisement and the corresponding picture cut, replace the original picture, plus a new content, great work! If you think this is trouble, don’t worry, there are more efficient: don’t copy the picture. Directly modify the picture to


note: look at other people’s Web site source code, must remember to remove what other people’s web content. Two, or have to pay attention to copyright, can not change too small, equal to almost no change, all copy down. The last thing is: if you change the station and show it to others, it means <

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