The location of the three elements of the successful operation of the web site

is now engaged in the website not to engage in is the consensus, even those in the SEO industry, even if there are rich in the construction and operation of owners, if they re engage in a website to be successful is a very difficult thing. Many industry peers even think, now personal webmaster is dead, or even the occasional success of personal website, it is gone "shit", think of a gift idea.

does that mean it’s really hard to run a website successfully? The answer is no, of course. Now engage site but not the previous casually put forward a single page website, then the text, make black chain optimization can make money fast and good, now operating a website more competition is patience and team cohesion and innovation, which is the current owners generally lack of connotation, so everyone in the the site is really hard to sigh.

actually I want to say is, the successful operation of websites and many key elements, but personally think that the website content and product positioning, marketing planning is the key to the success of the three construction sites, this paper start from the site location, to analyze how the site should a problem.

1: brand attributes

can not act rashly in a website, nor can it carry out guerrilla warfare. As the pressure of network production increases and competition increases, we can only prepare for protracted war. You need to give yourself a protracted war and site positioning a brand, through long time operation, when the brand appeared at this time, even if you are a successful website, even then the search engine that can shield you, you still like A5 now, as a pleasurable occupation, in long sites, even if it is a a good brand, now even Baidu shielding A5 station, A5 as there will be a lot of fans and followers, this is the strength of the brand, so the positioning began to focus on brand attributes.

two: control property


of a website is positioning, do product or industry, electricity providers do or do business services, these require serious consideration in the construction site before, now think about what you do is not to think about your website, but the strength of where you have the advantages and disadvantages, to your advantage you can control to analyze what kind of content, if your SEO knowledge is very rich, is also very strong, it can be made on the SEO website, then through training, training courses are also able to obtain high profits, at the same time as the student success, you also become students everywhere celebrity. So the location to see whether they have control of the industry or the content, rather than to see a certain type of website is to make money, invest blindly, the painful lessons of some time ago group purchase websites also failed to alert us.

three: input cost attribute

does not have a budget now. It’s not just about the cost of building a website, but it’s also about running

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