Website PR value after 9 reflect on the PR value of my view

had never thought that he could have a PR high web site, even if it was just PR to 5.

long ago searched the Internet for PR hijacking, and then read a lot of related information, as if most of them mentioned the 301 turn. If you want to engage in a 301 to have no way, as far as I know 301 steering is in Linux host, virtual host generally are windows host, not the file steering function, to have to go to the contact space provider, think of a lot of people here have trouble, that is not good still have to charge, I also think so, so the 301 didn’t want.

doesn’t know where to read an article. The name is probably forgotten. The concept of "domain name" is mentioned in this article. Is to resolve their domain name to a IP address access through the site, so that you can successfully carry on the PR hijacked. Previously bought their own 3, 4 domain names have been put on useless, anyway, put it is wasted, it is better to take out "keep the domain name" it. Then began to find can open through the IP address of the site, first of all think of our school web site, as if through the IP address access, and then tied a go up, really can open. Then follow it, and found a few can open the IP site, the one-time bound 3 idle domain in different sites. I didn’t think how successful I was. Just try to play.

went on for a week, and site didn’t make any changes. After two weeks, site remained the same. Until the third week, when I was 23 days, site, wow! Included, included three names, also very much. Just GG included, Baidu nothing changes, a less than site. At that time, only to see the collection, forget to see PR, third days, I use IE browser open to see the three domain names. Look at the first, the school site is bound, PR or 0; look at second, too. Then at the first three, scared me! PR rushed to the 9, at the time that the vertigo, carefully look at the GG toolbar, the mother of 9 is really ah, the toolbar display almost full.


quickly go to Baidu site or not, and ran to GG to site, really scary, included more than 1000. The scariest thing is to go back. When I type in the search box, nobody knows how many.


GG search results show that there are about 47700 links to query results, the following is article 1-10 (search time 0.11 seconds).

scared! 47700!!! No 4000! I’ll open it

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