The monthly sales of no more than 20 thousand yuan business enterprises will be exempted from tax t

morning, or as usual, open the news, look at the Internet information, suddenly see a Madden news,

below this paragraph for news brief content: on July 25th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting on 24. The meeting decided that from August 1st this year, small and micro enterprises in the monthly sales of not more than 20 thousand yuan VAT, small-scale taxpayers and business tax payers, temporarily exempt from value-added tax and sales tax. This will mean that compliance with the provisions of small and micro electricity supplier enterprises, Taobao stores, individual businesses will enjoy the same tax policy.

careful webmaster should remember some time ago LETV, Suning Electric several executives in the Internet Conference about Taobao stores a tax at the time, in our webmaster is a lively discussion, some people agree with the electricity supplier taxation, some people think that may affect their interest.

The State Council

such a message, because I also experience a webmaster group purchase platform (webmaster love network) as a result, she went to the A5 forum and the owners of the house inside and you were under the exchange of views and opinions.

from the exchanges with you, summed up the following points:

1: most of them expressed their welcome for this policy because the policy is very humane and takes into consideration the interests of all sides.

2: some people believe that the move may affect China’s economic development to a certain extent, and more in-depth and accurate, it will affect the development of China’s Internet industry.

3: for the recent electronic business platform continues to emerge, the policy still has many people said that the corresponding electricity supplier fiery little impact. Will still invest in the development of electricity supplier?.

, here’s a poll of my webmaster voting:


I personally feel that this policy will be tens of millions of small sellers, electricity providers entrepreneurs will be encouraged. This is a good news for many small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs who rely on e-commerce to achieve entrepreneurship or transformation. You webmaster, master, electricity supplier expert, how do you see,


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