Talking about making the website succeed in the SEO starting line

SEO has been more and more attention to the webmaster, and the operation of a website needs more and more SEO efforts; ranking competition is big, no longer do a website title is so simple. This requires us to start with websites from all sides. Domain name, host, structure, text layout, content selection, analysis reports and so on are the key points. And want to let the website win in SEO starting line, we should be all-around the preparation to the website.

1: first win,

how do I win the preliminary victory of a website? For the website in the SEO rankings, the first is often the most favorable, such as you are the first to do keywords ranking of top-level domain, the domain name you register for a few years than others; you think before others ideas; these rules in the rankings are very conspicuous. We win than others, in time, want to be better than others, will be earlier than others. The idea for the website, to dare to do, we must do better than others, the search engine will not hate innovative things, even the same thing. The times are developing and the trends are constantly changing. It also requires us to share the most unusual things with the audience. Although SEO is a hard worker, it is this kind of drudge that gives everyone a fair time. In fair time, we have to work harder than others and perform well.

2: initial construction of Web site

as the site early, not what is more important than the content of construction, while the construction content is a never-ending thing, but early in the website optimization, content positioning, content expansion in the rankings occupies a large proportion on the decisive. Like human beings, they are lovely born. How can you later?. you will become ugly, do good will make you look more approachable; this is largely one of Er more easily determine this person’s future; so it is no good website, the content of this website is not look you how attractive. This requires us not only to have the website template to do has the characteristic, has the characteristic, but also needs to introduce richer, more comprehensive and the unique content.

Rich content

content comprehensive, we need to go through a variety of poly tract analysis, in view of what the user needs to get keywords? What you have; and what added to the user; when a lot of content is a kind of active and passive reception reception, both active and passive all we need to do, because the user may not what would that we need to take out recommended to the user guide users. If you can do all of these sites, you are well prepared for the site.

3: interface layout

layout of the home page needs to be very careful; because the ranking is often your home page; and the flow is also through the top keywords. Therefore, the layout of the home page is directly related to the weight transfer of the entire website and the weight of the domain name. Put the user’s most wanted content in the front and easiest place to find

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