Some of the lessons learned at the Anhui nternet Conference

December 14th afternoon is honored to participate in the Anhui Internet Exchange Conference, we can let these grassroots feel the warmth of the big family..

listened to the wonderful speeches of several seniors in the afternoon. It was really wonderful,


," said Mr. Wang, who was deeply impressed by his words, "" do what you are familiar with.". Be practical and don’t dream too much. Do stand to be simple, do not start on a high starting point, start, do not need to pay attention to what the artist’s good or bad, and what the popularity of the number. Content is fine and fine. Do stand, do not be afraid of shame, afraid of shame, can not earn money, do not do standing for the station, we have to rely on the platform to make money and make money. "

these words really speak out like me such a large number of grassroots webmaster’s voice.. figure eldest brother main summary, individual station should suit their actual situation, 1, do you do familiar road

2, do a simple and pragmatic website

3, faster money making,

this sentence is really very close to our actual situation a lot of grass with the owners, we have neither money nor these grassroots social relations. Don’t thought more much to discover yourself nothing. Do something to meet their own actual situation, put their life security. Also can think oneself after long-term plans buried deep..


and I and his eldest brother Guo from a few simple conversation, feel this person is enough. Buddy loyalty in Hefei, although when the eldest brother Guo speech always appeared in the case of a short circuit, but his speech is quite wonderful..

Guo eldest brother is in his own experience, old and everyone share the importance of user experience, in fact, now a lot of sites, including myself, have done before

didn’t focus on experience of total users to think what traffic actually do, sometimes not to regard it as right but not necessarily flow though large users love site. You SEO do good in keyword traffic in large. But you do not experience the end user is also a..

I have a very deep experience I have a picture stand, before doing that very primitive traffic exchange, the user is in the window!! what is the money before I didn’t change a little traffic now, earn even more. So I very much agree with the eldest brother Guo’s point of view. Take the experience of users caught all..

in fact, there are many predecessors said, but also very exciting, but too commercial, and feel not suitable for us, the grassroots are not one, as we introduced the..

actually participated in this conference, I feel I really learned a lot of things, in fact, I was the first to participate in such a gathering, I just touched the Internet, a grassroots..

I hope there are hundreds of thousands of grass roots that don’t stay in the house all day, except for QQ, which should be admitted to the big family of the Internet

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