Taobao opened shop different stages of operation thinking is not the same

In recent years, more and more people

shop on Taobao, seems to have become an irresistible trend, some former colleagues and friends have joined the ranks of the gold rush, but Taobao shop while the potential is great, but each period of play is not the same, only firmly grasp the key point to live core breakthrough, can keep pace with the times, to find their own rhythm, not to be eliminated by the market.

is the first step to be familiar with the new rules of the platform.

has just entered the Taobao, many of the rules are in the process of exploration, this stage you want to have a good turnover rate is unlikely, the average daily order is about 0 to about 30 single, therefore, the owner should be the main focus on two aspects, one is familiar with the platform rule two is to increase the drainage.

is the first to familiarize yourself with the platform’s rules. For example, the auction, setting up links, matching packages and so on, these are relatively simple, the operation must be learned. It’s more important to know the other rules, such as those things that can’t be done and what will happen later. In women’s clothing, for example, there are corresponding provisions for fabrics, if it is to do wholesale, should pay attention to, the composition is not filled wrong, once checked, light, baby was off the shelf, and then detained 6 points. These are the most basic things. If we can’t do it well, it’s impossible to talk about development.

familiar with the rules, also should search for rules need to be studied, what kind of title is good, may produce the most natural flow, what time frame is to give the opportunity to show up.

two is to learn how to drain. In the initial stage, because the credibility is not enough, drive through, drill exhibition are not qualified, and the basis of no good premise to rush to do pay promotion, transformation rate is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, this stage should focus on QQ, micro-blog, forums, WeChat and other free promotion tools, as much as possible the introduction of traffic, to promote transactions.

at this stage, shop decoration is also very important link. We present PS level and copy description has been very high, so, imitate others always difficult to give customers a deep impression and good experience, recommended by the real description to convince buyers effect. For example, this shop is selling fruit or agricultural products, will be planted in the process of the real picture down, not too much emphasis on PS, let the buyer know these products are no pollution, natural, green, healthy, to eliminate the concerns of buyers, improve the conversion rate of nature is not a problem.

at this stage of the small seller in Taobao accounted for about half of the proportion, so when the above are well prepared, it is possible to enter the next day of the 30 orders of the next stage.

second stages are fun flow, learn how to market.


shop is running

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