Details of the force so that the site has a super user experience


user experience in absolute said to a super hot words, take the last few days of the A5 article, the article on the subject in the user experience of less than 10, and every article about the content is not the same, I really let my eyes open. But I can’t always be spectators, he somehow also a webmaster, the site also has a little of their own experience, so today I have to go along for the ride, talk about their website at the time of construction how to pay attention to the user experience.

, a catchy domain name that lets websites grab

at first

domain name is like our address, to visit people often have to live in an easy to find place, the site also is such, if the domain name of the website and your keywords are consistent, so users will think of your site for the first time, did not use the "Favorites", all from memory you can visit our website.


I like the site has a keyword is "big church", then I put the key words embedded in URL, so I want to search for web site users can directly enter the URL of the website according to the key words, simple and quick.

two awesome access speed, let users wait too long

before an investigation, said the site open speed more than a minute after the loss will be sixty percent of the traffic, so webmaster colleagues at this point must be more careful, think about your users how to bear your loyalty, website open speed more than a minute? So the webmaster or not to risk the good so, how to improve their website access speed? I’ll give you some suggestions here:

1. reduces the size of the page, which is the most direct way to speed up site access. Although the website home page accounted for the highest weight, but there is no need to seriously in the page size, do not think that the "magnificent" page will increase your credibility, site fidelity or rely on content promotion.

2. makes the page regression static. Some will use Flash in the navigation page to increase website browsing effect, but the webmaster friends to know the spider is not to identify the dynamic picture, and adding a dynamic picture of the website will increase the burden of the website loading speed down, in a little bit of a lot of good and bad.


3. site template is best made with a simple DIV+CSS model,

4. does not call too many special effects code, because if the site uses a large number of JS, not only search engines can not be included, and will continue to submit requests to increase the burden on the server.

5. improves the response speed of domain name DNS, which is the most fundamental method.

three novel website content, highlighting their own characteristics,

has been to some before

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