China mobile domain name new strategy can set off CN domain name tide

recently, I found that the mobile 10086.CN domain name strategy adjustment basically completed. I see, the China Mobile company has 31 provinces all jump to "**" (referred to as * * as the province such as Beijing, referred to as BJ), China Mobile market (MM) website ( have to jump to the, China Mobile 139 mailboxes ( have to jump to the, China Mobile have to jump to the, in the mobile 139 lobbyists have to jump to the (, mobile wireless music website ( have to jump to the, and has been officially launched.

Is it a new strategy to move in

after replacing the new leadership? After all, there is a new strategic layout for this massive change of domain name. Is the new administration a "fire"? We don’t know for sure how big a change this domain name can be. But it is undeniable that this is a new start in the mobile layout market. A change in the domain name seems simple, but in the mobile LOGO have corresponding fine-tuning, change is behind the strategic layout of a review, and the integration of the taste is more and more concentrated. +

mobile 10086.CN new domain name strategy should be integrated with the brand, business related

in the movement of the domain name changes, but also let us see the integration of 10086 brands further strengthened. The value of domain name integration lies in the integration of mobile brand business and the integration of information platform strategy. As we all know, mobile operators have never wanted to become a channel, but they have more power to speak and dominate. The domain structure in the past have no meaning and fight the enemy separately, effectively put each platform organically, let people see is lacking spirit of cooperation. Now, with 10086.CN as an opportunity to integrate its brand well, it’s an improvement.

domain name integration, on the surface, but only for each site to change the domain name only, no big deal, but the meaning behind it is far more than that. Some people think that year, in order to change the situation of lack of coordination, the implementation of the China Mobile BOSS project, through the centralized BOSS promote the centralized management, greatly improving the efficiency and level of management service. Today, the same is true of domain name integration. It may be just a small fuse, but it can explode boulders that impede moving toward integration. You can imagine, a 10086.CN can not require users to use dozens of login passwords, domain integration after the inevitable demand is to achieve "single sign on"". Centralized management of user data. Because of user >

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